Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas and a former Army officer, wrote a touching essay which was published in the April issue of the Hillsdale College Journal, “Imprimis.” The title of the essay is “Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery.” Cotton describes vividly how each person buried at Arlington is treated with utmost respect regardless of rank.

As one of five veterans in my immediate family the article reminded me of the callous disrespect that President Donald Trump has displayed toward Sen. John McCain during McCain’s lifetime and continuing even after his death. As most people know, McCain was shot down on a combat mission, captured and spent more than five years in a Vietnamese prison cell/camp. In stark contrast, Trump avoided the draft with “bone spurs” in his feet. Yet, Trump stated he preferred people who don’t get captured.

I can overlook Vietnam-era draft dodgers, conscientious objectors and/or senators’ sons who stayed safe at home.

But I am troubled when I watch Donald Trump salute the military personnel who protect him when he travels. What does he think about himself? What does he think of the personnel? What do military personnel think of him?

If you read Cotton’s essay you have to wonder what Cotton thinks about Donald Trump. What do the soldiers buried in Arlington National Cemetery think of Trump, who refused to serve, belittled an American war hero and rose to commander-in-chief while at the same time trying to govern under a cloud of suspicion about obstructing justice? The suspicion is supported by the investigation carried out by former U.S. Marine Robert Mueller.

The Fourth of July is coming! Let’s talk about patriotism, honor and respect! Reckon Trump will join in on that?

Dave Waldrop,