To the Editor:

I love Sylva and am glad life’s journey has led me to this beautiful town. I’ve always been appreciative of the relationships that exist between town residents, town commissioners and town staff. I believe Sylva embodies the old adage, “it takes a village...” those who are involved work collaboratively to make community-centered decisions.

As a former member of Down Home, I’m disappointed. Down Home hasn’t been engaged in getting to know town leadership outside of the most recent election and is now creating a meet and greet for town commissioners; why?

Down Home says they want to be involved in the community and know the commissioners better, but I don’t understand why this group isn’t already attending scheduled board meetings, engaging in conversation with commissioners, getting to know our town staff, and/or volunteering at town events for our Main Street Association. These are positive ways every resident can be involved.

I’m fortunate to have served in several volunteer roles within our community and have never found our leaders to be unapproachable or unwilling to listen. I’d encourage everyone to attend meetings, ask questions and build relationships with town leaders. We are at our strongest when we work together.

Kelly Brown,