More evidence of abuse of office


To the Editor:

With every passing hour, more evidence comes to light that Donald Trump is abusing the power of his office. The latest development: Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to interfere in the 2020 election by digging up dirt on a potential opponent and then went to great lengths to cover up the evidence that would expose his obvious wrongdoing.

Trump’s phone call with Ukraine demonstrated that he’s willing to betray our country for his own personal and political gain. This isn’t just a clear and open threat to the integrity of our elections – it’s an impeachable offense. No one is above the law in this country, including and especially the president of the United States. That’s why congressional leaders have set a vote on articles of impeachment against the president of the United States. We need the House of Representatives to vote to impeach Donald Trump because we don’t live in a monarchy or dictatorship, we live in a democracy, where nobody is above the law.

Nilofer Couture,



The greatest moral challenge of our generation


To the Editor:

I do agree with a recent editorial that going local is the best way to go “big” for Christmas ... if you are talking about shopping for presents, that is.

I have been feeling much more concerned in recent years about finding a way to more sincerely, actively, fulfill the holiday ideal of “goodwill toward men.”

I do agree with scientists, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and so many others that climate change is the “big” moral challenge of our generation. Thankfully, when I volunteered this summer to try to help organize a local chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, I was very happy to find several other local citizens had already started the process. It was even more inspiring to learn there was a Climate Reality group already planning activities here in Jackson County, and yet another climate action group forming in Haywood County, and they all wanted to cooperate.

So, I am writing to ask that people consider joining neighbors in stretching their good will towards their fellow man and going very “big,” thinking beyond Jackson County, and beyond this holiday season, in facing up to the moral challenge of our generation. There are solutions, and we all need each other’s help.

Robert Franz,



Let representatives know how you feel


To the Editor:

So now that we all have hard evidence that Putin’s puppet committed treason and bribery, who will still support the con man?

Will you dispute the facts and stand behind the four thieves (Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman) who have been running and ruining our country?

Do you want to believe long time courageous public servants or the paid performances of cowardly clowns like Willie Barr, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, David Nunes and Sean Hannity?

Don’t believe for a second how things will be worse if we get rid of this dictator wannabe. The only two people who will not be a whole lot better off are Putin and his puppet.

Who wants to bet that within a year we will all learn of approximately how many hundreds of millions of dollars this puppet has repaid his Russian lenders in the form of favors since the day they helped elect him?

This is not even about politics anymore. We should all speak up for our democracy, our Constitution, and especially speak up against a stone cold liar who has been stealing our votes by begging and bribing and extorting foreign countries to interfere in our elections. This traitor has placed our national security at risk many times as he so obviously plays the role of Putin’s little puppet.

What can we do? Well, our representatives more than likely do at least count the number of calls of protests that they get, so make some calls, and leave the message that we are sick of these lying thieves continually attacking and endangering our freedom.

Richard Burr: 202-224-3154, Thom Tillis: 202-224-6342, and Mark Meadows: 202-225-6401.

Mike Clark,



Perspective and apathy


To the Editor:

I’m sure many people are following our nation’s process of impeaching our president (or maybe not, which is the big problem).

It’s important to put the impeachment process into perspective with respect to what it really is – a constitutional process, and nothing more. The apathy rampant in our country is what is making it the circus that is on display for the whole world to see. Make no mistake. The world is watching, and shaking their collective heads, for most of them know how our government is supposed to work – we are the standard.

Impeachment is not retribution of one political party over another, nor is it something to be considered as part of a persecution persuasion of the other party. It is not rampant “hate” of the president or trying to change the outcome of the last election. The people pursuing impeachment are not evil, unpatriotic, scum or any other often used derogatory adjectives. No one is trying to “destroy” our country. Language like that is mean spirited at best and dangerous at worst. We are all Americans, and want what is best for our country. Congress is doing its duty as charged by our Constitution.

Aside from the inflammatory rhetoric, which reduces our laws to opinion polls, the proper perspective is that we have a president, duly elected by our electoral process, who does not understand how our government works, doesn’t want to know, and is becoming a dangerous liability because of that. Our nation’s founders anticipated such an occurrence, even though unlikely, and wanted to prevent a repeat of the tyranny they endured before founding this great nation. What really creates the danger is the staggering number of Americans equally as uninformed of the workings of our democracy as the lack of knowledge exhibited by our president. The president’s powers are not unlimited, by design, for our own protection. He may be innocently naive, or have more sinister motives. It doesn’t matter. Our action has to be the same.

Our government has rules to go by, and those rules have served us well since our country was born. Democracies are fragile, and always a work in progress. The slightest slip can result in the loss of our entire way of life. This is not hyperbole. It is reality, altered only by increased education and participation by those who seem content to sit this one out.

Mark Ballinger,