Primary election offers many choices


To the Editor:

This is the first year that North Carolina’s primary election will be held on “Super Tuesday,” March 3.

This election will determine which candidates will be on the ballot for the general election in November. Regardless of your party preference, it is very important that you exercise your right to vote. Are you willing to let 50 percent or less of the people choose which candidates will run in November? Many elections have been won or lost by one or two votes so your vote is important. Your voice, your vote! 

You must vote in the primary for the party with which you are registered. If you are registered as Unaffiliated, you can vote in just one party’s primary. That is, you can vote in the Democratic, Republican or Libertarian primary (but not in the Constitution or Green Party primary). There are many primary candidates for county, state and national offices. Sample ballots are available from your County Board of Elections office.

Early one-stop voting where you can register and vote at the same time goes through Feb. 29. Hours are 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays except for Feb. 15. A photo ID isn’t required to vote in this primary election.

In Jackson County, early voting for the primary can be done at the County Board of Elections office in Sylva, Cullowhee Rec Center, Cashiers Rec Center, Wolfetown Gym in Cherokee and at Western Carolina University. For other counties, check with your local County Board of Elections.

Below are the number of candidates running for each office; note that the numbers vary by party.

Democratic Party ballot:

U.S. President (15)

U.S. Senate (5)

U.S. House, 11th District (5).

N.C. Governor (2)

N.C. Lieutenant Governor (6)

N.C. Auditor (2)

N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture (3)

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction (5)

N.C. Treasurer (3)

County Commissioner (3)

Republican Party ballot:

U.S. President (3)

U.S. Senate (4)

U.S. House of Representatives, 11th District (11)

N.C. Governor (2)

N.C. Lieutenant Governor (9)

N.C. Attorney General (3)

N.C. Auditor (2)

N.C. Commissioner of Insurance (2)

N.C. Commissioner of Labor (3)

N.C. Secretary of State (3)

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction (2)

N.C. State Senate, District 50 (2)

N.C. House of Representatives, District 119 (2)

N.C. District Court Judge, Judicial District 30 (4)

Constitution Party ballot:

U.S. President (3)

Green Party ballot:

U.S. President (1)

Libertarian Party ballot:

U.S. President (16)

Please exercise your right to vote in the primary election on March 3 or at early one-stop voting sites.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport. If we don’t participate in it, it ceases to be a democracy.” – Michael Moore.

Mary Herr,