To the Editor:

A letter in last week’s Herald, “Thanksgiving in June” helps all of us understand just how our autocratic president is destroying our democracy.

Can there now be any doubt that this president and Senate has set up a working autocracy right before our eyes? Google “How to build an autocracy” by David Frum in the March 2017 issue of The Atlantic. That was written three years before Trump’s autocratic June 1 assault on our First Amendment. Even General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper are now apologizing for accompanying our “Liar In Chief” on that infamous day which will go down in history.

Five years ago, Jimmy Carter said “So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors … now it is just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery.” He was responding to questions about Supreme Court decisions on campaign financing such as Citizens United. And he was talking about both Democratic and Republican governors, U.S senators and congress members.

General Mattis denounced Trump and described him as a threat to the Constitution. More and more of our military leaders are sounding the alarm since the day he stomped all over our First Amendment rights so he could make a video of himself holding a Bible upside down and backwards. There is no low to where he will go to keep from facing justice. Do not doubt for a minute that if things get a little more scary for him, he would try to take our Second Amendment rights and then hold up two Bibles.

Well, these generals and admirals who almost never speak out are not fake, and we had better listen to them. Trump has already illegally used our military against our own citizens in an effort to escalate the riots and wanted 10,000 more troops. If he can’t get us to all out fight each other, who will this desperate fool start trouble with next?

And wouldn’t it have been nice to have an intelligent president during this pandemic? How many veterans died while being used as guinea pigs for this snake oil salesman? Then he claims he did a two week trial of hydroxychloroquine on himself. Yeah, let’s just hope the big man does a two week trial of ingesting his disinfectants before he orders the V.A. to try that on us.

It would take a failed TV reality show host to make all of this stuff up, but sadly that is exactly what the Russians helped us rednecks elect. They got the goldmine and we got the shaft. And remember we caught him red-handed trying his best to blackmail Ukraine into supporting him in this election, and that was surely just the tip of the iceberg. Several dictators will want to see him re-elected.

Our democracy has never been on such shaky ground. It’s time for you people who are those falling for the scare tactics about socialism to take a look at what fascism would be like.

Mike Clark,