To the Editor:

Major news sources inform us that Russian operatives have paid mercenaries to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. What does the Commander in Chief have to say? His knee-jerk response is that he had not been briefed. Not responsible.

Will Trump fire those officials who failed to call it to his attention? Should the Commander in Chief be held accountable? Or will Congressional Republicans blame it all on Putin? Does the buck not stop at The Resolute Desk anymore?

I have never been the president. Never boasted that I don’t need daily briefings. Never claimed to be the only person who can fix things. Never said I was “the chosen one.” Never said I know more than the generals. Never belittled an American war hero. Never dodged the draft with “bone spurs.”

This latest troubling news has cast an even darker cloud over Trump’s ability/intent to protect Americans. Indeed, what are his basic motives? Perhaps, it is now time for Republicans in Congress to listen to former National Security Advisor John Bolton who says Trump is “unfit for office.” Bolton is a staunch Republican.

Dave Waldrop,