Much to be thankful about

To the Editor:

Rolling into the end of this year we have experienced trials and tribulations. From one virus to another coupled with higher gas prices and groceries. Lower inventory due to supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have created stress for many of us. Judy and I are now traveling from Sylva to Kansas City and are finding things to be thankful about.

Gas prices are now $2.64 in Missouri. On the news this morning I heard that health insurance premiums are becoming more affordable. We experienced two traffic delays because of road improvements. I met someone recently studying the terrain in Jackson County for broadband installation. We heard President Biden throw a compliment to former President Trump for being fully vaccinated. Yes, he can also be given credit for the rapid research and delivery of effective vaccines along with researchers at UNC. I also feel optimistic that we will have less blaming and more efforts to listen and cooperate with one another in 2022.

I learned recently that research has identified three groups of people less represented in our labor force. They include those in fear of Covid, absence of affordable child care and retiring Baby Boomers. More good news, the Build Back Better legislation would help to address the first two groups and bring them back into our labor force with higher pay. I am eager to have more conversations with Joe Schmo and find areas of agreement.

Ron Robinson, Sylva