To the Editor:

My husband and I have a 2-year-old son who loves fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. He calls them all “helpers.”

On Friday afternoon we stopped by the Sylva Fire Department so we could walk him by the big windows and let him see all the trucks. While we were outside, one of the firefighters came out and invited us to come in and look at the trucks.

Our time spent at the fire department absolutely thrilled my son. He went home and played with his fire trucks all night and is still talking about it.

As a mom, I get emotional thinking about what this experience meant to him. Life is stressful for us all right now, especially children. All of the changes have been really hard. He has missed out on so many experiences over the past few months, so it was really wonderful seeing the joy on his face while at the fire department. It is a dream come true for a 2 year old.

Unfortunately, I did not get the woman’s name who was so kind to us and let us have so much fun. I hope she is able to see this and know how much we appreciate her kindness and all she’s doing for our community. Thank you, Sylva Fire Department.

Janelle Messer,