To the Editor:

I have talked to African-American persons in our community who have been beaten by police for calling 911.

A Hispanic man was pulled by police for doing nothing wrong. He was charged for resisting arrest because he used his cell phone to call his wife. An African American’s transportation was taken and never returned by police. He is frequently harassed. It is time for change in our unjust justice system and remedies have been suggested.

1. Shift 33 percent of police funding to creating parks and jobs in low income and black communities.

2. Take police out of schools and replace with social workers.

3. Outlaw designation of black neighborhoods as high risk.

4. Outlaw police using choke holds and killing people who are unarmed.

5. Reform district attorney and defense attorney treatment of the poor and people of color.

6. Outlaw taking vehicles by police.

7. Outlaw taking licenses until the poor pay egregious fines.

8. Stop the bail/bond system.

9. Take away the military tools and training from our police. Stop training them to consider us enemies and threats.

10. Deny the ability of police departments to keep their cameras from public view.

11. Release low impact crime violators from prison. Insure the percentage of black prisoners to their population is the same percentage as white prisoners a percentage of white population.

12. Review all black convictions to determine how many are miscarriages of justice.

13. Retrain police to be service providers not warriors and enhance their awareness of their explicit and implicit bias. That also applies to white citizens in our communities.

14. Fire and charge any police person who kills an unarmed person. Create a national database.

It is time for public airing of abuses, accountability and creating major change in our three-tier justice system. Beginning with any three of these remedies would be a good start. No longer is it acceptable to say, “they just need to get over it.”

Ron Robinson,