Who can trust America now?


To the Editor:

Can someone please explain Donald Trump’s military rationale for withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria? What is the political reason? How about a moral justification? Did Trump seek advice from the Pentagon? The CIA? Vladimir Putin? Recep Erdogan? Bashar al-Assad? What will recent telephone calls reveal?

Who is to blame in this historic betrayal of America’s allies in Syria? Where does the blame lie in Washington? Does Franklin Graham see the “hand of God?”

Who can America trust now? Who can trust America now?

Dave Waldrop,



Dillsboro letter to Jackson Commissioners


To the Editor:

The Dillsboro Board of Aldermen would like to express our concerns about the proposed relocation of the Staffed Recycling Center (SRC), currently at the old Dillsboro Landfill, being moved to the Manuel Cooper property. This location is close to several houses and in very close proximity to the Best Western Plus River Escape. This is a premier hotel in northern Jackson County operated by NightStar Lodging, which is owned by Vick Patel. Using center points of both properties, the Best Western Plus is less than 300 feet from the proposed relocation site. No other SRC facilities in the county are located within the corporate limits of a municipality or in such close proximity of a commercial business.

Mr. Patel also owns the Squire Watkins property with plans for the development of another hotel valued at or above that of the Best Western Plus. This property is less than 800 feet from the proposed relocation site. Development of the Squire Watkins property would add at least $3,250,000 to the tax base using current property valuations, but in all probability the tax increase would be much greater. During the specially called meeting of the Dillsboro Board of Alderman on Oct. 3, Jay Grissom, general manager for NightStar Lodging, indicated that locating the SRC so close to the Squire Watkins property would affect the proposed development. The SRC facility is visible from the third floor of the Best Western Plus and would be within sight lines of the upper floors of any new construction on the Squire Watkins site. Customers expecting mountain and river views do not expect rooms that overlook a recycling facility surrounded by shrubbery.

An additional concern for this board is traffic congestion on Haywood Road. During peak hours it is not unusual to have six or more vehicles in line to use the existing facility. The narrow lot at the proposed location may not be adequate for allowing this volume of use, creating potentially dangerous traffic backups for cars waiting to turn into the facility. The convenience of this location on Haywood Road will also increase the amount of garbage left at the gates after hours generating additional litter. Because the proposed location is closer to the Tuckaseigee River, this litter could easily find its way into the river.

Thank you for your consideration of these issues before making your final decision to relocate the SRC facility so close to homes and hotels within our town. The negative impacts to tourism will not only affect the town of Dillsboro, but also Jackson County, should the SRC be relocated to the Cooper property. 


Mike Fitzgerald, mayor of Dillsboro; David Jones, vice-mayor; Board members: David Gates, Tim Hall, Tim Parris and Beauford Riddle.


Editor’s note: For more coverage on this issue, see story, page 2A.