Jackson gets high marks on vaccinations


To the Editor:

Kudos to the Jackson County Department of Public Health and its assisting partners during the January 28 COVID-19 vaccination of a number of its elderly citizens.

It was the best organized and smoothly operating large-scale activity I have ever witnessed or experienced firsthand. I intend to hold the department and its many helpers with this important activity up to others as a perfect example of how every agency should perform its important activities. Thank you, JCDPH and partners!

Gurney Chambers,




Thanks go out on vaccination effort

To the Editor:

As a person lucky enough to get the shot, I want to thank the Sheriff’s Office, volunteers, the Health Department and EMS people who gave the shots; also to the Department on Aging for letting it happen in the parking lot of their facility.

Looking at other states, our vaccination was run very efficiently and in a timely manner. Keep up the great work, and thanks again.

Barbara Rohner,




Tearing apart the U.S. Constitution


To the Editor:

Nancy Pelosi might as well stand in front of Congress and tear apart the U.S. Constitution just like she disgracefully tore up President Trump’s State of the Union address in 2020 at the joint meeting of Congress.

She is the Speaker of the House of Representatives that unconstitutionally voted for a second impeachment of President Donald Trump. The Constitution says “impeachment removes an official from office and the trial is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.” Donald Trump is a private citizen, not a government official, and the Chief Justice is not presiding at the impeachment trial. This impeachment and trial are more like a hate crime rather than a constitutional impeachment.

State legislatures are constitutionally charged with establishing election law, yet a Pennsylvania state court, not the state legislature, ruled that mail in ballots would be accepted in the 2020 election. As if to officially accept such election anti-constitutional law, the U.S. House of Representatives now has HR1 ready for a vote. This bill allows federal government jurisdiction over just about every aspect of elections disregarding the Constitution that places that charge to state legislatures. Every U.S. House Representative should vote against HR1 if they care about state sovereignty.

The Constitution guarantees that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, house, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.” That amendment, number four in the Bill of Rights, evidently means nothing to the FBI and the Bank of America. The bank provided records of customers who made retail, airline or hotel charges during Jan. 5 and 6 in or around Washington, D.C. to the FBI that is investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. BOA explains they always cooperate with law enforcement but it appears they do not abide by the U.S. Constitution.

Every organization I have ever joined has a set of rules, usually called by-laws. Without these rules the organization is doomed because how the group operates becomes out of control. In the case of a country or state, these rules are generally called a constitution. If our U.S Constitution is ignored and contradicted, then the United States will be more than out of control. We will be finished as a lawful country and ruled by the whims of whoever thinks they are in charge.

Carol Adams,




More thoughts on understanding


To the Editor:

I want to express my gratitude and sincere apologies to the young man who wrote a letter published in this newspaper on Jan. 28, 2021 and to anyone else who took offense to my letter that was published on Jan. 21, 2021.

I appreciate anyone who will alert me to mistakes I have made in communicating my beliefs and express my gratitude to anyone who will accept and understand that my motivation was not to be disrespectful of other viewpoints. It troubles me that I have apparently crossed some boundary of politeness that renders my sincere expression of my Christian faith inept and perhaps invalid.

I highly respect our local government officials as they struggle to address the chaotic and divisive issues that our little mountain community is facing. I was simply repeating a plea that I have made in the past and will continue to make regarding exactly what the writer of the Jan. 28 letter titled his letter: “Understanding, acceptance are a two-way street.”

I did not intend to imply that the term “conservative Christian” could be found in any translation of the Bible and regret that I did not clearly articulate my intent to “stand my ground” (without apology) for my belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is a sound source of absolute Truth as opposed to the current delusion that any part of the Bible contains outdated and obsolete information that is irrelevant to our contemporary standards of morality. That is the only reason I used the term “conservative Christian” as opposed to the term “fundamentalist Christian” that describes persons who use the Bible to beat people up and/or shame them for their differing expressions of their faith.

I do indeed happen to believe and attempted to emphasize my belief that if God is not inspiring the political powers that govern our nation (at every level of government) then we are doomed to suffer the devastating effects of being divided and we are already witnessing and experiencing the truth of that all over the world, in our nation, and tragically even in Jackson County as I write this letter.

I regret that I brought up the “hot button” issue of that statue that continues to incite all kinds of hubris and I am hoping that the accepting and understanding citizens of this beautiful, mountain community will forgive me and accept the truth that my deepest concern is the “hubristic notion” that the local folks who want to keep the statue where it is, today, are somehow supporting the barbaric practice of slavery and perpetuating the treason that is committed by folks who want to destroy our constitutional republic. That is a lie.

Lorraine L. Arnold,




We ignore history at our own peril


To the Editor:

Recently I watched a biography/history program on TV. The following were about a person who: 1) Participated in a failed government coup; 2) was raised in pampered luxury; 3) inherited money; 4) was a tax evader; 5) took advantage of people in dire straits, creating jobs; 6) was a millionaire; 7) was a white supremacist; 8) was a liar; 9) spent little time in his office, but spent time in another home; 10) always had lackeys doing his dirty work; 11) at first he gave his salary away but made up for it in other ways.

Sounds like Trump but it isn’t, the program was about Adolph Hitler and his rise to power and his family history. Hitler came to power with the support of the German people and by donations from prominent people such as Henry Ford. He created jobs including building war machinery. And of course he became the worst murderer ever.

Now in this country we have had white supremacists, conspiracy-believing groups and others that attacked our Capitol building with the blessing of the then-sitting president; a mob calling for the death of our vice-president, who was just doing his job, certifying the presidential election as required by our Constitution. And even after this attack we had 100-plus House members voting against the certification.

The 100-plus did not stay in the House chamber during the attack, they hid. These same groups like the freedom of speech and right to bear arms, but there is a whole lot more to the Constitution that apparently they do not think applies to them. Voters need to take a more careful look at whom they are voting for and not vote straight-ticket just because they belong to a particular party. Do not let history repeat itself.

Louise Williams,




Hard to keep up with new definitions


To the Editor:

As a senior citizen I find I constantly need to define some of the new favorite words and re-define some words that are being applied in a different way.

For instance, unity, a common word, is a much used word especially by Joe Biden in his campaign and even in his Inaugural speech when he said he wanted to unify America. But his actions did not follow the promise as immediately after the inauguration he signed more than 30 executive orders reversing much of President Trump’s legacy in the face of 74 million Americans who supported Donald Trump. Not much unity effort there.

Disinformation is a new word that means any claim that there is social media/big tech censorship spreading disinformation or any thought that is against progressive ideas. Ministry of Truth is a proposal by some Democrats in Congress to form an agency to I guess root out the previously described disinformation and find domestic extremists.

“Domestic extremist” is also known as “political extremist” but at this writing there is no official definition. My guess is it is everyone who does not agree with the people who run the country, i.e. anyone who dissents.

Insurrection is a word immediately used by every media outlet and congressperson to describe the breech of the Capitol on Jan. 6. To my thinking an insurrection is performed by 1000s not 100s of people who remain in the government building for longer than a few hours and hold off the government officials from returning.

Equity is not equality. It is that whatever you have I must have too and government will get it for me. It might be another word for socialism.

Irregular migration is the new word for illegal migrants. Incite is what you do if you defend your beliefs or stand up for yourself. Science denier is what you are if you question the idea of climate change.

“Karen” is a pejorative that describes a white middle class woman who exhibits behaviors that stem from perceived privilege. White supremacist is another pejorative that is used to describe Caucasians in the same context as pejoratives about race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

Everyday more new favorite words are put out there in social media, the main stream media or from Congress. I only hope my senior self can keep up with it.

Ralph Slaughter,