To the Editor:

If we could locate the ideal Democratic candidate to run for Mark Meadows’ vacant House seat in District 11, I believe he’s been found. Besides the fact that his vision for not only North Carolinians, but for all Americans is in alignment with the 2020 Democratic platform, his resume would certainly be hard to beat.

Some of what Moe Davis brings to the table and makes him a candidate to represent all people in the district is that he’s had to make some really tough decisions in his life that put his livelihood on the line. And unwilling to surrender his integrity, he held his ground against both President Bush in 2007 and later with President Obama, exemplifying his history of putting country over party.

As chief prosecutor at Guantanamo under the Bush Administration, rather than following the order to change the rule he set regarding using evidence obtained through torture, he resigned his post. And when he was Senior National Specialist for Congress during the Obama Administration, the opinion pieces he wrote which were subsequently published in D.C. and New York City newspapers criticizing the policy on prosecutions at Guantanamo, he was fired. After he sued, supported by the ACLU, his free speech rights case was settled after seven years, he was compensated and his employment record cleared.

That’s the kind of fighter we need on our side this November! Paraphrasing Martin Luther King, Moe Davis likes to say, “It’s always the right time to do the right thing.”

Sue Resnik,