A reason for hope


To the Editor:

I watched most of the impeachment proceedings in both the House and Senate. It is clear to me that there are two different perspectives about right and wrong.

If winning is the only goal then so is winning by any means. It is this attitude that Adam Schiff demonstrated to be the guiding principle for Trump and his associates – breaking the law with no regard for the consequences of those actions to individuals or other countries. No moral compunction to do what is best for our country. The driving force behind the impeachable offenses is Trump’s ego and not knowing the difference between right and wrong.

But today I feel a quiver of hope.

I am hopeful because during this impeachment I saw a passion for truth and an insistence that our president be accountable for his lack of it.

Today my heart is lifted by the fact that the truth always comes out. It may not appear before Trump’s machine gets him acquitted, but it will eventually. One need only cast a clear eye to the Boss and his consigliere to see that truth and honor are replaced by loyalty. That same loyalty is lodged in Trump supporters. With a steady diet of Fox and the raw meat of rallies, the facts and truth do not appear, but the loyalty factor flourishes.

I am hopeful that voters will recognize a candidate’s effort to be above board versus only loyalty. I am hopeful that honor and character will return to the White House, replacing the feckless chaos and mob boss mentality.

Dottie Hoche,




Trump besting the global elites


To the Editor:

The hysterical, savage and frenzied attacks on President Trump by Democrats, the media, powerful deep state and political establishment has been ongoing ever since the day he was elected.

Most think this continual insulting harassment is because Trump is not a part of the D.C. club, is brash, outspoken, ignores political correctness, it was not “his turn” and he operates on a completely different style than the entrenched power politicians. These assumptions are true and valid, but the most dangerous and destructive anti-Trump cabal is the global elitists whose goal is a new world order. In the U.S. the global elite includes presidents Carter, Clinton, the Bushes and Obama and their new world order agendas that sell out American jobs, American workers and American sovereignty. Trump’s America-first initiative is a distinct threat to those goals of the new world order elitists who pull the strings of governments worldwide.

Everything President Trump has done defeats the power and profit of the global elitists. He pulled us out of TPP, the Paris Climate Accord and renegotiated NAFTA. He is securing the border, threatening cheap illegal labor, imposed tariffs on China and just negotiated an initial trade agreement with China. These moves by President Trump are a grave danger to the global elitists that includes big business, big media, big finance and big government.

It is no wonder that multi-millions of global elite dollars are funding the anti-Trump political agenda through dozens of front groups assigned to fight Trump’s re-election. Such groups are funded by global elitists like George Soros, Hillary and Bill Clinton. For other names worldwide check out The Superclass List then Agenda 21, Southern Poverty Law Center, Open Society Foundation and “philanthropic” organizations such as Arabella Advisors whose “story” includes “helping clients whose promising ideas with the power to effect deep social change often require up-front capital.”

Much to the dismay of global elitists, the new world order is under threat all over the world, not only in the U.S. Think Brexit, the yellow vests in France, populist governments in Hungary and Poland. Leading the threat is President Donald J. Trump, who fights successfully for the American people, our constitutional rights, liberties and the sovereignty of our nation. No wonder the global elitists have their sights on Trump and his defeat in 2020.

Carol Adams,


Praise for Sylva’s climate resolution


To the Editor:

WNC Citizens Climate Lobby appreciates the Sylva Town Board for passing a resolution supporting HR763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

It’s clear the entire board is concerned about the climate crisis and is committed to exploring ways the town’s carbon footprint can be reduced. The thoughtful approach and legitimate questions posed by all the commissioners were commendable. We thank the board for recognizing our responsibility to leave a livable planet for future generations.

A primary benefit of the carbon tax is money comes back to citizens in monthly dividend checks. Approximately 22 percent of households in our county were at or below the poverty level between 2013-17, and 29 percent of our children lived in these homes. The federal poverty level is $26,200 for a family of four, and the minimum wage is $7.25. Working full time at $7.25/hour yields an annual income of just $15,080. A monthly dividend check would help these neighbors, reduce demand for assistance and help stimulate the local economy.

The air we breathe is polluted. In the U.S. there are about 200,000 early deaths per year, and North Carolina ranks 28th in air quality. The world’s forests absorb one-third of global emissions per year and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. We must protect forests and plant trees.

N.C. paper manufacturing is the largest contributor to forest-based exports and leads the South in port value of logs and wood products exported. Production of paper receipts uses more than 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water creating emissions equal to 450,000 cars on the road each year. We can join the 89 percent of people surveyed who want digital receipts.

Jackson Paper is a leading recycled paper manufacturer that has been an industry innovator for more than 20 years. They produce 100 percent recycled corrugating medium. What a great neighbor. Are you recycling paper and cardboard?

We have 1 million acres of National Forest in our region. Remaining intact large blocks of forest are in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge Escarpment, Nantahala Mountains and Pisgah National Forest. The Nantahala-Pisgah Forest Partnership promotes ecologically sound timber practices.

Watch for the release of the NPFP management plan, read it to see if it protects our forests and have input during the 90 day comment period. Plant trees!

Have you noticed the litter along our roadways and waterways? Seen how many recyclables go into the garbage? About 91 percent of the plastics we use aren’t recycled. Stop using plastic straws. Don’t litter – recycle! Challenge businesses you patronize to recycle. Learn what needs to be done for local recycling infrastructure and advocate for it. We can do all this and more locally, but we must urge our lawmakers to pass HR 763.

Maintaining a pristine environment will continue to draw tourists and their dollars to Jackson County. Of the 15 largest economies in the world only India, Russia and the U.S. do not have any nationwide carbon pricing in place or in the works.

Gene Tunnell,