It’s time to unite


To the Editor:

I am really upset at the Left and the Right, the Blue State and Red State, Democrat and Republican. Both sides are out of control.

People, we have to take it down a notch. The current political environment is the worst I have seen in my 60 years of life. Are you people Americans anymore? Does anyone remember our national motto, “E Pluribus Unum” – out of many, one? Not out of one, many. That means unified, not divided.

Sure there are lots of different types, colors, creeds of Americans. Americans are a melting pot of many diverse kinds of human beings. There’s that “diversity” word that so many people are excited about, and rightly so. It is one of America’s strengths. The root word of diversity is the Latin “di”; it means to turn aside, take a second direction. Divert. It also means divided. Here’s the thing: United we stand, divided we fall. I for one do not want America, like Rome, to fall. I don’t want a Red state and Blue state civil war like in “The Hunt.” Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave.

There are no deplorable Americans; everyone is redeemable. Elites against deplorables, us against them, is our way to destruction. We absolutely have to, must do, better. The next time you want to lash out at the “other,” remember that could easily be you tomorrow. Come together. Have some grace, some patience and think about America. Be an American first. Unite before it too late. Please.

Brian McClure,



Enough with the hatred of Trump


To the Editor:

In the national conversation about hate we have these comments from Bill Maher, who said on his TV show that a recession would be “worth it” to prevent another four years of President Trump. Imagine that… someone who hates Donald Trump so much he, a millionaire, would subject our country and its hard-working people to the damage a recession can do just to get rid of a president!

Now we have leaders in the Democratic Party calling Trump a white supremacist, “a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.” Absurd! An idea in their heads, not reality.

What is this animosity all about? Never Trumpers, leftists, Democrats and the media just cannot let go of their anger that Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election for president of the United States. Donald Trump accomplished what almost everyone thought was impossible… winning the election from “unbeatable” Hillary Clinton.

Now the Trump detesters continue trying to get back at Trump for beating them. That effort even included media airing ex-President Obama’s statement that candidate Trump was “disqualified,” and that Hillary Clinton was certified “fit to serve.” The daily rants and ravings even include that Special Counsel Mueller’s report on Trump campaign Russian collusion was invalid mainly because the results he reported were not what they expected or would accept. Now Democratic members of the House of Representatives are rehashing and redoing everything the Special Counsel did, re-calling witnesses who have already given hours of testimony to Mueller’s committee in hopes of finding some shred of misdemeanor evidence to impeach President Donald Trump.

Since Donald Trump has been president, under incredible harassment and even an alleged “deep state” attempted coup, the unemployment rate for all Americans is at record lows; more Americans, especially those in minority demographics, have jobs; millions of people are off of food stamps; the economy is booming and trade agreements are being rewritten to benefit U.S. industries. Tax cuts, cutting onerous regulations and the jobs act helped bring about Trump’s “promises made promises kept” record. President Trump takes care of business. And, that is the secret of Donald Trump’s presidency… it’s the way to do business!

The attempts to diminish Trump is to label him racist and a white supremacist because he insists on controlling our borders. This is deemed hate by the left. In fact it is his love of our country… keeping us safe, prosperous with institutions and a culture able to function as a sovereign country. The hate, loathing and animosity thrown out there from those who cannot accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election or that Trump is a different kind of president is tiresome, trite, boring and downright disgusting.

It is about time that segment of our population, members of Congress, the media and habitual harassers get over it. You are an embarrassment and way off track. To use a common colloquialism… enough already.

Carol Adams,



Our problem


To the Editor:

The most recent despicable, senseless and tragic mass shootings (California, Texas and Ohio) and mass stabbings (California) are, once again, going to cause our society to look for answers as to why such events occur.

They occur because we, as a society, have allowed irresponsible personal conduct to become the norm. There is very little accountability for anyone’s actions until a tragic event occurs. Early warning signs of inappropriate behavior are ignored because we don’t want to upset anyone.

They occur because of the degradation of personal and social values that allow some individuals to think they are more important than the other members of our society; and when they feel wronged that they have the right to punish anyone, any time for their perceived plight.

They occur because of the violence in movies, TV shows, digital games, comic books and the videos on the internet. These forms of entertainment include the unfettered use of handguns, rifles, knives/machetes, futuristic ray guns and any other device one could imagine, to do harm to the characters in those media. There seems to be a hardening to the sense of the player concerning the appropriateness of indiscriminately inflicting harm on others.

They occur because we have a societal problem, one that will not be easily solved and certainly won’t be solved by some legislative action (i.e., another law). No one wants to hear this, but we will continue to have these mass shootings/stabbings until our societal values change for the better.

As a society, today we probably have the highest occurrence in history of single-parent families, with that single parent working at least one, if not two jobs. This makes family time and parental guidance/oversight a significant challenge.

We no longer have neighborhoods or villages where everyone knew everyone else and the village helped to raise all of the children there. Members of that village would inform the parents if a child was conducting themselves in a less than appropriate manner. If you make a comment on some child’s behavior today, you will probably get sued.

In the 1950s one could go to a Sears, JCPenney, or other such stores and walk out with as many guns as you could afford to purchase. There were no epidemics of mass shootings/stabbings during that time. We had different societal values then.

I have urged our N.C. congressional members to make sensible, meaningful decisions about the inevitable new (but will be mostly ineffective) laws that will probably be passed in order to show that something is being done by the politicians to address our issues. Knee-jerk, emotion-based, politically-motivated new laws will not solve our problem.

One area that would positively affect our mass shooting/stabbing situation is to greatly increase the funding for mental health services. We need a means for responsible people, i.e. the village, to identify those that exhibit destructive behavior, while retaining due process under the law.

I encourage everyone to contact your Congressional members to inform them of your position on this matter.

Tom Rodgers,



The thundering silence...


To the Editor:

In the two and one half years since the first alternatives for the N.C. 107 Sylva project were rolled out to the public on Feb. 23, 2017, the future economic pain to the community has only gotten worse. Multiple news outlets continue to report that NCDOT identifies that 55 businesses are slated for relocation. What does that even mean?

Apparently, properties are put on the relocation list when NCDOT determines that the business can no longer operate as it currently does. Property owners and tenants may have an opportunity to modify the property or structure to retain commercial viability. That seems like a huge unknown to the property owner and tenant which should be addressed as soon as there is adequate information for such a determination. Barring an unsuccessful or unwanted modification presumably the NCDOT will acquire the property and eventually put the reduced property back on the market and tax rolls. It’s not clear where these businesses are expected to relocate.

The project cross-section appears to be one of the canned cross-sections out of the NCDOT design manual. When the designs were first shopped around there was not information regarding the consequences to the business community. Certainly, elimination of some of the project features could reduce impacts to the local businesses. I hear nothing from the local governments demanding an alternatives analysis to see if the business impacts can be mitigated or avoided and what are the compromises associated with the changes. Stemming the potential loss of existing jobs (which seems to be significantly underestimated by NCDOT) should be as important as creating new jobs to the economic development folks. Meanwhile the design process marches along with a thundering silence from our local governments – too bad for our communities.

Eric Myers,



All sides should work toward fair elections


To the Editor:

The effort to stop gerrymandering of elections is an issue that should be important to all sides. Democrats and Republicans have both done it.

At this time Republicans have gerrymandered the N.C. electorate but with new elections about to happen it is entirely possible that Democrats could gain the majority and do the maps to their advantage. As a Democrat I do not want that to happen. No matter who claims the majority, we should start the push for fair elections. I call on my Republican friends to join in that initiative and my Democrat friends to join with them with that goal in mind.

Yes, we may support different issues, but the elections should allow for a fair and vocal discussion of the issues.

Charles Hill,