Is American democracy doomed?


To the Editor:

Oswald Spengler, German historian/ writer/philosopher, wrote a book titled “The Decline of the West.” From this work, to a large extent, Spengler became known for his “Spengler curve.” Basically, the Spengler curve suggests that many human endeavors have an onset, growth stage and, lastly, their decline/death.

It is noteworthy that everything changes in nature without necessarily following a fast track along the Spengler curve. Most living things produce offspring to carry on the species even as individuals die off.

So, how do we view American democracy? Is it doomed? What might be the most damaging factor for our form of government? What might be the most important factor to assure that our democracy survives? Is our Constitution in need of revision(s) to meet the challenges brought about by modern technology and the expanded population?

American democracy is under attack. Are you willing to witness its death as some who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection say they were/are? Or are you sowing seeds of democracy for tomorrow? Without nourishment/practice we may indeed watch helplessly as our democracy dies.

Dave Waldrop, Webster


What further surprises does Cawthorn have in store for WNC?


To the Editor:

How interesting to see NC-11 Representative Madison Cawthorn featured in a photo op in the March 31 edition of The Sylva Herald presenting a check to city officials in Sylva for infrastructure repairs. Cawthorn acknowledged that he voted against the federal legislation that made the funds possible.

This is the same Madison Cawthorn who abandoned our district to seek reelection in a newly proposed district only to return to NC-11 when that move did not work out in his favor. One can only guess what surprises and flip-flopping Cawthorn has in store for constituents if re-elected, wherever, to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Kathryn Ross, Sylva


Ukraine is not our fight


To the Editor:

Forgive me if I don’t share the general enthusiasm for the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are truly suffering and deserve our support with humanitarian assistance, but the way to stop their suffering is to bring a negotiated peace quickly rather than trying to prolong the war with continued arms shipments.

I look upon the war as a domestic situation in which we have become involved. The trouble is that this domestic situation involves another man, as it were. That other man is Uncle Sam, so we really should butt out. We say that we are defending democracy, but Ukraine is hardly a model democracy and we helped overturn their democratically elected leader in 2014 because we didn’t like the results. Funny how we hear talk of democracy and “our democracy” when the results please the elites that rule us but when things don’t go their way it’s because of Russian interference, insurrectionists, and white supremacy, yada, yada, yada. Oh, and voter suppression! Who can possibly take these people seriously?

We have a dangerous Commander-in-Chief whose loose lips could get the whole world in a nuclear war. We need to de-escalate and save us a lot of death and needless suffering. We need to acknowledge our meddling in Ukrainian affairs, using the alleged corruption in the country to enrich people such as Hunter and Joe Biden.

We have repeatedly turned a deaf ear to Russian concerns starting soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union by expanding NATO upon the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. I always thought that was a terrible move. It sure didn’t inspire trust and now we are seeing the outworking of a flawed decision. Instead of forging a closer relationship with Russia after the Cold War we have pushed her into the arms of China, our chief adversary. Our entire foreign policy establishment needs a complete overhaul in both personnel and philosophy. I’m ready to let Europe take care of Europe. If they want NATO, they can support it and fight for it. We need to pay more attention to our own house before we try to get everybody else’s house in order.

We are being invaded at our southern border and democracy is being threatened here in the U.S., but we are being asked to ignore that and focus on the border and democracy of another country. As someone once said, “My God, this man cannot remain in power.”

David Parker, Sylva


Recent statement has more than one use


To the Editor:

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” applies not only to the dictator in Russia but also his friend, kicked out of office in the U.S.

Ron Robinson, Sylva


Youth is proud of her accomplishment


To the Editor:

My name is Evelyn Craig, and I am about to turn 6 years old. On Friday, April 1, I went out at night with my dad and my friends to Innovation Station in Dillsboro. I played the Scotts Creek Hook Toss. Last time I was there, I never even got one on the hook. But this time, I scored 21 times before my dad took me home! This is a big thing, and I really want you to put it in the newspaper. I really hope you do, because being in the newspaper would be a dream come true.

Thank you for considering — bye!

Evelyn Craig, Sylva