WNC can do better than Cawthorn


To the Editor:

“Cawthorn regales crowd” (Herald, Oct. 7) was an interesting headline considering regale is “to amuse or entertain,” certainly not to speak the truth. I’d certainly hate to see someone elected governor who can’t even do the basic job as a U.S. Representative.

He continues to spew lies and tales perpetuated by “the former guy” and his ilk. The only “fake news” is what they have been spreading since 2016.

How can this uneducated, totally inept and inexperienced clown call for a president to be impeached (he’s talking about the wrong president!) and Dr. Fauci – who did everything he could to counterbalance the lies perpetrated by the previous administration, for the sake of educating the public with the truth – brought to trial?

And the biggest lie is his comment “anyone who tells you the election was not stolen is lying to you.” That’s the Big Lie the Republicans know is a lie, but they feel compelled to continue to repeat it. There was evidence of a stolen election in 2016 however, thanks to Russia’s help, and it was almost stolen a second time, with foreign interference yet again; but fortunately, because of the majority of Americans’ intelligence and desire, the correct person was elected.

I sincerely trust that enough people will come to their senses and replace him with someone who can actually do his or her job to help North Carolinians and the rest of Americans.

Sue Resnik, Sylva



Let’s be kind before it’s too late


To the Editor:

Being aware of how we live and facing the fact that each moment that passes us by is one less moment in our lives makes a difference in the way we all live.

October is probably my favorite month of the year due to the beautiful colors of the leaves, but also the reminder that the falling of the leaves symbolically represents the moments of our lives that are gone forever. Robert Frost probably describes this realistic phenomenon of life in his touching poem “October,” in which he states “O hushed October mild...begin the hours of this day slow. Make the day seem to us less brief.”

Are we truly paying attention to how we are living each day, or are we simply operating like robots? Do we care about how we affect other human beings who are in our lives?

Caring about others requires a healthy conscience, which is crucial in the brief lives we face each day. This is especially true of the people who are around us on a daily basis. Having a thought about another person could be strictly mechanical if we don’t have feelings congruent with the thought.

There is a desperate need in our society to spend our brief time in this world actually caring about others instead of trying to destroy them. Please let us examine our existence in terms of whether we care about our fellow companions on this earth. Remember, the leaves do die and, hopefully, they are a reminder of our own lives. Please let us be kind and caring to one another before it is too late.

Michael Gonzalez, Sylva