The other night I dreamed that Fox News reported on two helicopters: one hovering over Washington, D.C.; the other over the U.S./Mexico border. A bearded, robed, long-haired Jew dropped thousands of leaflets from each chopper. As citizens, elected politicians and appointed officials picked the leaflets up, they read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as written in Matthew 5-7 KJV.

Next one chopper flew south of the U.S. border, dropping thousands of WWJD bracelets among the asylum seekers from Central America. Each one eagerly placed a bracelet on one arm as he/she knelt in reverent prayer to the God they worship. They prayed for compassion from the richest country in the world, safety from cruel tyrants and an opportunity to work in America.

Many border patrol agents, military personnel and several senators and congressmen were touched by the Biblical verses they read. This question came from the lips of many: Is this a time for tough minds and soft hearts? Or, should we be led by a soft mind and a hard heart?

Then Hank Williams sang, “How can I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?”

The helicopters vanished. It was just a dream.

Dave Waldrop,