The junior senator “representing” North Carolina is Thom Tillis. His six-year term, hopefully, terminates in January 2021, after he loses in the November election to Cal Cunningham.

Tillis’ voting record and unmitigated support for a violence-sparking president speaks for itself. He shows no empathy for the outraged during our current crisis. Although at times Tillis has given the appearance of consideration for us, North Carolina constituents, in reality he is a true solider marching to the directives of the heartless majority leader and the inept occupier of the White House.

In essence, Tillis votes the party line to deny N.C. citizens services, deny honest health insurance coverage, deny environmental protections, encumber fair trade, etc. At times it seemed like he was leaning towards our best interest, but when his orders came from his leader, and votes needed to be counted, his allegiance to his orders were followed leaving us behind. Any decency he had disappeared, and he flipped and he flopped, such as his position on the president’s emergency declaration for the border wall.

So let’s just flip to Cunningham and elect someone who will have our best interests. He possesses what we need, a sense of decency and humanity. He will serve us because his policy aligns with our needs. Luckily, we have a choice in November of a candidate for the Senate seat that will improve all North Carolinians chances of being properly served and respected.

Cal Cunningham is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and has served in the North Carolina Senate. He recognizes the facts needed for equity, health care, climate change, education and issues that are important for all of us. Most important, he will promote human decency and vote to fix the race ravages that are plaguing the U.S. and finally coming to the forefront of the public eye. We desperately need a change in D.C. for N.C., and Cal Cunningham will work for all of us.

Pamela Krauss,