To the Editor:

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32, KJV. Do you believe that Jesus spoke those words? Why do you believe them? Do the words sound even if not from the Bible? Do courts of law seek the truth? Why does the truth matter at all? Are you willing to tell a lie to get what you want?

What is the truth about coronavirus? Did it disappear as Donald Trump claimed? Have you heard any scientist claim to know everything about the disease? Have you benefited from the advance of scientific knowledge? Have you or someone in your family received crucial medical treatment? Polio? Cancer? Diabetes? Vision? Other?

Do you trust Donald Trump’s scientific knowledge more than that of Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Upon reflection regarding your family’s health you may realize that you are safer and healthier due to the rigorous study of science. You may determine that it could be dangerous to your health to trust the limited scientific knowledge possessed by Donald Trump. Who can you depend on in this dangerous situation? Remember the saying: “Dance with the one who brought you.”

Dave Waldrop,