Voter ID required in 2020


To the Editor:

North Carolina law now requires that everyone voting in 2020 must have an approved form of voter ID that includes a photo. The N.C. primary will be March 3, 2020, and you will need an approved voter ID in order to vote. Approved voter IDs include:

• N.C. drivers’ license.

• N.C. state ID or Real ID.

• U.S. Passport.

• U.S. military ID.

• Federally recognized tribal enrollment card.

• State recognized tribal card if approved by N.C. Board of Elections.

• Student ID if approved by N.C. Board of Elections; check website to see if your school is approved and ID must have an expiration date.

• Employee ID (state, college, local governments).

• Other state ID if voter registration is within 90 days.

• Over 65 can use picture ID even if expired if it was valid at the age of 65.

You can also apply for a voter ID card at your county board of elections and get one at no cost.

• You need to provide name, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number.

• You can apply the same day as voter registration but may get card in the mail.

• The card cannot be used for other state events, only for voting.

• You cannot get the card on the last day of early voting and Election Day.

• If you lose the card, it will be replaced free.

• If you move or change your party affiliation, you will not need a new card.

For more information, check the N.C. Board of Elections website -

Mary Herr,