I appreciate the Town of Sylva and the DOT having public meetings concerning the massive and complex N.C. 107 construction project, but I support Jeannie Kelley’s points in her June 13 letter to the editor. I do not believe most citizens and perhaps even the boards of commissioners themselves are fully aware that as proposed, the Town of Sylva and the county of Jackson will lose major property tax funding for their annual budgets due to the property that will need to be purchased by the state and thus become non-taxable. This will inevitably lead to major tax increases not just for the property owners that remain on 107, but every citizen in the city and every citizen in the county that owns their homes and property from Qualla to Cashiers. This being the case it makes the issue of the road widening require more scrutiny. Is the whole project worth it? What will it specifically accomplish beside looking better? In my opinion, it will not for the most part be safer as the bike lanes proposed that few want will make the road less safe. Also the new turnaround intersections caused by the excessive median widths and lengths may lead to more traffic lights or at a minimum more time for each light to turn to allow the turnarounds thus causing more backups than are had now. It will certainly not lessen the amount of traffic in any way. Let’s talk more, and act slower.

David Schulman,