To the Editor:

With the current state of controversy now present in our country, I suppose this topic was bound to rear its head sooner or later.

The statue was dedicated in 1915 and has been the silent sentinel over our community for 105 years, and until recently, as far as I know, has not been a subject of controversy. To remove this statue would make a few people happy but would make far more people unhappy.

History is history and removing every hint of the Civil War is profitable for no one. There were terrible mistakes made in our past: true. But this is not 1865. Things are much better now than they were then. Is our country perfect? No, and never will be because it is made up of people, and people are far from perfect.

Abraham Lincoln, that Great Emancipator, the day after the war ended in his celebratory speech had the U.S. Army band play “Dixie” to honor those who had fought on the South’s side. No doubt it was also a gesture to promote a spirit of unity between the North and the South. I think a little of Lincoln’s forgiving attitude would go a long way in promoting healing in today’s situation.

Removing the statue does little but stoke up more division in our community. There is an election coming up shortly. Put it on the ballot and let the county residents make the decision, and then live with the decision however it turns out.

Jerry Cool,