Where are the lawsuits?


To the Editor:

We should be aware that President Trump is famous for suing, including for liable. If what he calls fake news really is fake it seems clear that he would be suing for liable. He has a stable of lawyers to do his bidding. My own personal opinion is that there may be some things written and said about him that are not entirely true, but there seems to be more news that is not fake. Otherwise, why no lawsuits?

Susan Danner, Sylva


Why can’t some be persuaded?


To the Editor:

In reference to the letter from a Glenville writer about people protesting too much: Yes, we are protesting and trying to persuade, but obviously not enough because the writer and Trump’s base still haven’t got the message.

The writer’s list of persuaders is already quite a few, but also left out many. The writer mentioned newspapers, cable, radio, TV, social media, Hollywood celebrities, book authors, politicians, former and present members of Congress and state officials. But, don’t forget: also many Republicans, all the former presidents, 489 top military and national security officials, world organizations fighting for freedom, health officials, and all free nations. Everyone in the free world is very frightened by what he’s doing to the U.S. Yet, some received the message.

We all wonder why some people like a man that is supported only by dictators like Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and Erdoğan. Russia is trying to influence our election; that’s what dictators would support. If Biden wins, Trump wants to throw out the ballots; that’s what dictators do. He swore to uphold the Constitution yet he constantly breaks its laws; that’s what dictators do. He vilifies his enemies; that’s what dictators do. He repeats his lies so many times, his supporters believe him; that’s what dictators do. Why haven’t they received the message?

My biggest question is: What is the line in the sand? What would he have to do to change minds? (I would hope his supporters) please, please, look into their better selves and question why that line hasn’t been crossed yet, why they have not received the message.

Diane Jettinghoff, Tuckasegee


Think of others before it’s too late


To the Editor:

It is true that COVID cases are increasing and the scientists say that we can help contain this virus by wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands. Why then do people continue to meet in crowded venues and not wear masks?

Recently there was a group with religious signs in front of the fountain downtown. Not a mask in sight. We live in a country that, at one time, was known for giving to others because we care about others and not just ourselves. Ideally, we need to take a look at how we live in terms of being compassionate.

More than 200,000 people have died of COVID in this country; people who should not have died. This tragedy is symbolic of the way some of us are living. There are people around us who need to realize that, as long as they live thinking only of themselves, they are existentially dead, both emotionally and spiritually. Please think of others before it is too late. Set yourself free by focusing on your love for others and not being totally obsessed with your good time, your inconvenience and your denial of the truth.

Michael Gonzalez, Sylva


Pool initiative deserves support


To the Editor:

Please vote for the Jackson County indoor pool initiative. An indoor pool would benefit Jackson County citizens of all ages by providing healthy recreational and exercise opportunities during the entire year.

Jackson County has an active year-round county swim team for children and youth. Smoky Mountain High School also has an active swim team. Neither of these teams have an adequate place to practice.

All three of our children participated in both the Jackson County swim team and the Smoky Mountain swim team. They benefited greatly. Swimming provided a healthy outlet for the energy that so many teens have. Swimming kept them physically healthy and fit. Developing the exercise habit early in life contributed to the fact that they now lead healthy active lifestyles as adults.

A local indoor pool will help both local swim teams continue to provide healthy physical activities for Jackson County’s young people. Adults will have another option to continue healthy active lifestyles. Older adults will have opportunities for aquatic therapy needed to retain their health into old age.

It is well known that regular physical activity keeps people physically and mentally healthy well into old age. Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise that provides these benefits. If the majority of our population exercised regularly, they would have longer healthy life spans. Greater health in our population would reduce many common diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. The resultant decrease in healthcare costs would help offset the cost of building pools and other recreational facilities.

Please vote to support an indoor pool in Jackson County.

Sue and Paul Heckert, Cullowhee


Thank you, Gov. Cooper


To the Editor:

Gov. Roy Cooper has respected science and followed the advice of public health experts by issuing executive orders that are protecting us from infection and death in this horrible pandemic. In spite of political criticism, he has maintained a consistent and practical approach to minimize sickness and loss of life until vaccines are available for COVID-19.

To date, more than 200,000 Americans have died from this disease. That is 61 out of every 100,000 people. The death rate of 31 per 100,000 in North Carolina, while staggering, is only half the U.S. rate.

This is no coincidence. Georgia’s rate of 61, and South Carolina’s rate of 62 deaths per 100,000 people are comparable to the country’s overall death rate. While the governors of those states closed late and opened early, North Carolina’s governor mandated masks and sent clear messages to the public about how to control COVID-19: wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and wait 6 feet apart when in public.

We can survive this pandemic and drive those rates even lower by fully complying with Gov. Cooper’s directives that include limiting the number of people in indoor and outdoor gatherings, wearing face coverings, and cooperating with limited access to gyms, restaurants and personal care businesses.

In addition, for those of us with smart phones, we can help ourselves and our neighbors by downloading and enabling the new, free app slowcovidnc. The app is available for android and iPhones, and is an anonymous way to be notified when someone with whom we’ve been in recent contact has tested positive for COVID-19. The more people who use the app, the more likely we’ll be notified promptly of exposure.

To learn more about this new app, and to download it, go to https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/slowcovidnc.

Patsy Allen, Cullowhee

Allen is a member of the Jackson County NAACP Branch Health Committee.


Stop trashing our treasured land


To the Editor:

I was on my way to Sylva on Sept. 22 and was appalled at all the garbage strewn across the sides of the roads.

We live in the mountains, one of the most beautiful parts of the state, but apparently there are many people who might disagree, as they feel the need to satisfy instant gratification and toss garbage out the window instead of saving it for the trash receptacles. Maybe if we had some littering signs with fines, people might thing twice before trashing up our highways.

Norma Schulman, Cullowhee


Questions regarding Trump


To the Editor:

What is wrong with Trump?

Is he a Putin puppet, is he a white supremacist, is he narcissistic, is he so self-absorbed that no one else matters? Does he fancy himself a dictator, is he a flagrant liar, does he appallingly disrespect the past and present military, did he illegally transfer $2.5 billion from the military to his wall failure, has he given millions to farmers and farm corporations because of his tariffs? Is he using the presidency to feather his own nest, does he have rallies that spread the virus while he maintains a safe distance, does he have a radiologist giving him medical advice on the virus? Is he tested every day for the virus while he has said to test less and we would have fewer cases? Has he had multiple patsies do his bidding such as Mark Meadows, and finally, is he a serial adulterer?

This only covers part of what he has done. If you answer yes to all of the above, you have been paying attention to what he has been doing.

Louise Williams, Sylva


We have plenty of fighters already


To the Editor:

Madison Cawthorn’s website states: “Send a fighter to Congress.” In fact, the term “fight” is referenced several times throughout his pitch, fighting against liberals, conservationists, “left-wing socialists,” AOC and “the Squad,” the ACA, the nebulous “left” and apparently, anyone who holds opinions contrary to Mr. Cawthorn.

The candidate has sworn 100 percent allegiance to the divider-in-chief in the White House, who for the past four years has provoked chaos, mistrust and hatred among the people of this country. Mr. Cawthorn appears more than ready to fall in line.

 I suggest we don’t need another representative from the 11th District in Washington with a chip on his shoulder.

Send a fighter to Congress? No thanks. We have enough there already.

Robert Michael Jones, Sylva