A revitalized sense of community


To the Editor:

Within this past month, something occurred that pushed my neighborhood to come together.

I have been contemplating the events surrounding this over the past several days and wanted to put some of my thoughts about it onto paper. So much of our society has been living in such a fragmented way for quite some time. People are busy. I despise that word, yet I find myself using it all too frequently. That is what we are. Busy. Working, living our own lives, immune to the call to put any of our remaining precious energy into ideas or actions concerning “community.” COVID has only made this worse. In so many ways, we have started to accept a way of life that is devoid of a sense of community.

The event that brought us together was a negative one from the perspective of those who live within our smaller community and neighborhood. Those who know me well would say that I am a pragmatist, and only very rarely an optimist. However, even pragmatists like a silver lining. Who doesn’t? Out of the dark cloud emerged a definite silver lining that became brighter over the course of the past couple of weeks. I got to know so many people within my smaller community, both within my own neighborhood, but also within the surrounding neighborhoods. Some of whom I never would have met if not for this.

I urge everyone to get to know your neighbors. Check on them. Learn about them. Become united and elevated by the similarities that you share, and appreciative and respectful of the differences. During an extremely stressful time, our support for one another resulted in something incredibly positive, and for that I am grateful. I have spoken with several others within my smaller community who have expressed similar thoughts. We did win the battle that we fought, but even if we hadn’t we would have still won something very valuable. We won a revitalized sense of community.

Erin Bock, Sylva