To the Editor:

Just remember that we in the South had formed our own nation and seceded from the Union until the surrender at Appomattox. Monuments are for remembering.

In the Middle East, Russia and China, what was done when their Revolutions occurred? All educated folks were eliminated, the monuments of the past were destroyed, and their histories were destroyed and a new way of living was begun sans their histories. Do we want that? Do we want to forget what happened? Does not history repeat itself?

Those folks in the South who died protecting their families were not even usually slave owners ... actually, a minority of citizens were. There were Northern slave owners, black slave owners, and when the Southern slaves were freed, the Northern ones had not yet been freed.

Yes, we regret that time in history. Those who lived on the coasts of Europe were heavily gleaned to go to Northern Africa and the Middle East, being sold into slavery by the people of one particular religion which is commonly in the slave trade.

The truth is, that this issue is still and has been going on ever since the days of Nimrod of the Tower of Babel. This letter is in no way condoning slavery, it is intended to remind folks of the truth which is hidden of our world history. America and the world must repent of this horrifying practice. There were other people who came here after the voyages of Christopher Columbus that caused much grief. Yet, Caribbean peoples were indeed known to be cannibals.

Linda Morris,