SCC Health Sciences Center

Southwestern Community College’s new Health Sciences Center is shown shortly after workers completed installation of the logo June 9.

Most of us have a moment in our life where we feel overmatched.

It might come on the playground, where you thought you were the swiftest kid but see yourself getting lapped by someone with truly blazing speed. It might be in the workplace, where you pictured yourself as a productive soul, and the new guy is cranking out widgets at twice your rate.

It’s frustrating, not being able to keep up.

That’s the position we find ourselves in regarding the fine folks at Southwestern Community College.

When SCC gets an honor, a feather in the cap if you will, we like to brag on them.

Thing is, we haven’t gotten a chance of late, because every time we turn around they’ve garnered another feather.

And another.

And another.

This all started early last month when we decided to write an editorial praising SCC for having its Medical Assisting program land the No. 2 ranking in the land in’s listing of “Most Affordable Online Medical Assistant Programs.” That program prepares students for all sorts of different responsibilities in the health field, such as performing blood pressure tests or scheduling appointments, the sort of nuts-and-bolts stuff that keeps the trains running in health care. More than 7,000 accredited schools were researched for the rankings.

Then came the news that SCC was ranked No. 7 in’s list of Top 10 Online Community Colleges for 2022.

And then came word that had ranked SCC at No. 6 in its Top 10 list.

Now, lists can be a fad and some of them don’t mean a lot – there’s probably a list of the 10 best left-handed bagpipe players out there somewhere – but the lists SCC is landing on do mean a lot. For a school tucked near Webster, N.C., to keep landing so high in rankings out of 1,000 community colleges in the country can’t be written off as a coincidence.

It can instead be attributed to a lot of hard work, smart planning and dedication.

Now, the dilemma we face is that SCC is on a roll and it’s simply going to be impossible to keep up. The ink won’t be dry on an editorial praising the leadership, staff and students of our community college crown jewel for their latest achievement before we’ll get notice of an even greater honor.

A dilemma, yes.

But it’s sure a nice problem to have.