As March Madness, the total of 67 games that will determine the NCAA men’s basketball champion kicks off, we’re going to offer a suggestion from a reader that makes a lot of sense:

Don’t start it so late on Monday night.

This suggestion was offered during football season but is equally applicable for March Madness. The NCAA holds its title games on Monday night, with the basketball tipoff after 9 p.m. With lucrative commercial breaks, the games may not end until close to midnight.

Tuesday is a workday, and a lot of people need to be in bed well before that to make the morning whistle. More importantly, Tuesday is a school day, and kids definitely ought to be in bed well before midnight.

The NCAA title games are never short of viewers, or advertising dollars. Still, we think shedding just a few of those dollars by, say, moving the title tilts earlier, or even to Saturdays, would show appropriate consideration for working and younger fans.