I am now a widow and have been moved by law to the “singles” tax bracket, paying more than in the “married with no dependents” tax bracket.

I have been an active, registered voter in the Democratic Party all of my adult life and an educator for 19 years before resigning back in the 1990s when I realized the federal government was taking over the public educational system and the content of our educational curriculum. My husband was a federal employee and educator, a registered Democrat in Jackson, but a Republican voter. He warned me our government was slowly and surreptitiously trying to take control over our individual rights and to make decisions for ourselves and our children.

I am “social distanced” from my neighbors as ordered by the governor. I wear a mask and gloves when I leave home. My sons live hours away and are using their savings to pay bills with no clear promise from the government as to when they’ll be allowed to return to work.

Before our last primary I filled out paperwork to change my party affiliation to “unaffiliated” and received in the mail a card that would identify me as a citizen and a non-affiliated voter. I feel identification should be required when voting. I don’t understand why supposedly educated Democrats do not realize that it was actually Democrats who opposed the abolition of slavery and that many (not all) Democrats, today, do not realize that continuing to support the welfare system our national government is pushing for is actually enslaving generations of poor Americans of every race who, for generations, have been chronically dependent on the government for their needs.

Even worse, some Democratic politicians are deluding poor African-Americans and others into believing that using abortion is a morally acceptable form of birth control. To do that, of course, they have to swallow the lie that an unborn child isn’t a human.

Many Democratic leaders are also trying to sell our Hispanic population and college students the delusion that, if they’ll vote for Democrats, they’ll have their tuition and debts paid for by the government and they will have access to free health care and numerous other benefits that all taxpayers will somehow be able to pay for.

Lastly, I have and will continue to vote for local Democratic leaders who have shown they are working sacrificially for our good. I have many Democratic friends and relatives whom I love and respect, but sadly I’ve had to totally abandon any participation on “social media” because of all the division, dissention and vitriol I have been exposed to; it breaks my heart.

I am a Christian and refuse to believe that any political party is my “savior” or that any party can save my family or friends or this country from total moral destruction. May God have mercy on us and the generations of Americans who will follow who will shoulder the burden of our self-destructive pride, greed and insurmountable debt.

Lorraine Arnold,