Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, Smoky Mountain High School students who accumulate more than eight excused or unexcused absences in a course will be assigned Attendance Makeup Recovery, in addition to having to make up any missed work, according to each department’s policy. 

This Attendance Makeup Recovery can take the form of community service, hours of online learning or other assignments made by the teacher. If a student fails to complete the requirements by the assigned date, an “FF” will be assigned. FFs are given at the discretion of the principal only. 

For the FF to be removed, the student will be assigned online credit completion. If those requirements are not met by the assigned date, the FF will be converted to a failing grade and the student will be required to repeat the course.

Upon returning to school after any absence, a student has two days to turn in a note to the Student Support Center from a parent/guardian or doctor stating the reason for the absence so that it can be properly coded. Notes (including doctors’ notes) will not be accepted after two days. A student is required to make up work for all absences, including excused absences and suspensions. Except for unusual circumstances, that work must be made up within two days of the absence.

Parent contact will be made by the teacher when a student reaches three absences, six absences and when a student exceeds eight absences per semester. If attendance is identified as problematic, the student’s counselor will set up an Early Intervention Team meeting to create a plan of support for attendance improvement. After 10 accumulated absences from school, a parent will be contacted by the school social worker or counselor.

For a complete copy of the attendance policy as it appears in the student handbook, see

For more information about the policy, call the school at 586-2177.