The teachers and staff of Victory Christian School announce the following students made the A and A/B honor roll for the first quarter of 2020-21 school year.

First grade A/B: Allie Henderson, Temwa Mkamanga; second grade A/B: Leighton Bates, Dixie Boone, Isabella Hillman; third grade A: Madyson Clarke, Matthew Drinnon, Raylynn Vernelson, Landon Walker; third grade A/B: Deven Cheatham; fourth grade A/B: Kidron LaVigne, Emily Smith, Madyson Sutton; fifth grade A/B: Justice Curry, Josiah Dillard, Chase Ridley; sixth grade A: Karis Vernelson; sixth grade A/B: Coleman Parker; seventh grade A: Carrie Holland, Jena Stanley; seventh grade A/B: Olivia Smith, Zoe Vernelson, Courtney Young; eighth grade A/B: Josie Melton, Brooke Sanders; ninth grade A/B: Camden Parker, Brooklyn Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens; 11th grade A: Ella McGaha; 11th grade A/B: Truitt Curry, James Naulty, Ethan Peek; 12th grade A/B: Dodge Sherrill.