On Feb. 25, Jackson County Public Schools accepted these employee recommendations:

At Jackson Community School, Doug Bailey, EC activity bus driver, Kennedy Piatt, substitute EC bus monitor, Sarah Myers, substitute bus monitor; Scotts Creek Elementary School, Joanna Barr, tutor; Fairview Elementary School, Mark Biddix, bus driver; Cullowhee Valley Elementary School, Cody Virgle Brown, bus driver and substitute bus driver, Lauren Lands, afterschool assistant, Berenice Perez, custodian, Brad Pollack, substitute bus and activity bus driver, Frank Taylor, activity bus driver; Smoky Mountain High School, Tom Davis, EC teacher assistant, Tyler Kittle, jazz instructor; Blue Ridge School, Rita Ferrin, substitute bus driver; Smokey Mountain Elementary School, Mashon Gaddis, EC substitute bus monitor, Georgeanne Simmons, substitute EC bus monitor; Bus Garage, Mark Hooper, driver education instructor and activity bus driver.

Accepted these employee resignations: FES, Spencer Norris, PE teacher assistant; SMHS,

Rachel Upchurch, EC teacher assistant.

Accepted these staff, non-staff and returning coach recommendations: SMES, Tasha Bell, assistant coach softball, William Rich, assistant coach baseball, Cassie Sandoval, head coach baseball, Jesus Sandoval, fall sports bus driver, Wesley Willoughby, head coach baseball and bus driver; FVES, Becky Buchanan, assistant coach softball, Troy Flippin, head coach baseball, Nita Lawhon, head coach softball, Alexei Strouse, assistant coach baseball; CVES, Megan Dalton, assistant coach softball, Emily Dotson, head coach softball, Taylor Medford, assistant coach baseball, Brad Pollack, head coach baseball; SMHS, Debbie Hansen, head coach district middle school soccer, Mike Huffman, head coach district middle school baseball, Alex Michael King, head coach district middle school baseball, Catherine Larch, assistant coach district middle school track, Shannon Marr, volunteer coach district middle school softball, David Mitchell, assistant coach JV baseball, Jonathan Scifers, head coach district middle school track, Breanna Stillwell, assistant coach district middle school softball; SCES, Kendall Henderson, assistant coach softball, Max Powell, head coach baseball, Andre Spencer, head coach softball.

Accepted the following transfer: Chrysan Hart, from receptionist at SMHS to P.E. safety assistant/custodian at FES.