On Oct. 26 Jackson County Public Schools accepted these employee recommendations:

At Cullowhee Valley Elementary School, Ziquila Adams, Donna Carpenter and Sarah Sealy, afterschool assistants, Abigail Browne and Lyndsi Young, substitute bus monitors, Debra Copeland, custodian, Rachel High, SEL support assistant, Adam Holt, substitute bus driver, Angie Jones, school nutrition assistant, Gretchen Reece, substitute bus monitor, Tracy Shepard, school nutrition assistant; at Smoky Mountain High School, Ashlyn Breuer, teacher assistant, Jeremy Cauley, substitute bus driver, Daphne Hughes, homebound teacher, Levi Marenda, electronic consultant band, Kevin Thompson, woodwind-visual instructor band, Matthew Wilkinson, percussion instructor band; at Fairview Elementary School, Reanna Claire and Kimberly Hayes, teachers, Jeri Hensley, Sara Leopard and Kirstyn Martin, tutors; at Smokey Mountain Elementary School, Samantha Draper, instructional support assistant, Robert Eldridge, Cherokee culture specialist, Teresa Haney, instructional support assistant, Danielle Hawken, teacher assistant; at Blue Ridge Early College and Blue Ridge School, Zachary Eden, assistant principal; at Scotts Creek Elementary School, Delores Huckabee, custodian and bus driver, Denise Richmond, instructional support assistant, Dorothie Willson, homebound tutor, Heather Wood, bookkeeper.

Accepted the following employee resignations:

At CVES, Samantha Barrett, speech language pathologist, Virgle Cody Brown, custodian at SMHS, Caleb Kelley, bus driver; at SMES, Andrew Gass, custodian; at BRS, Kristal Hunter, teacher; at Jackson Community School, Tyler Kittle, tutor and in-school suspension.

Accepted these staff, non-staff and returning coach recommendations:

At CVES, Michael Bonen-Clark, assistant coach soccer, returning staff, Megan Brown, athletic director middle school, new staff, Abigail Kostak, head coach soccer, returning staff, Caitlin Love, assistant coach volleyball, new staff, Beth Pitcher, head coach volleyball, returning staff; at SMHS, Zack Beck, assistant coach JV football, new non-staff, Abby Buenting, head coach JV men’s soccer, new non-staff, Todd Davidson, head coach indoor track, returning non-staff, Thomas Davis, head coach JV wrestling, new non-staff, Logan Gentry, head coach swimming, returning staff, Daniel Melton, assistant coach JV football, new non-staff, Erik Wilson, head coach varsity wrestling, returning staff, Tiffany Shuler, assistant coach JV volleyball, new staff, Gabby Nelson, head coach JV volleyball, new staff; at SMES, Tasha Bell, assistant coach soccer, returning staff, Beth Brooks, head coach volleyball, new staff, Mary Bumgarner, athletic activity bus driver and athletic director, returning staff, Alicia Kilpatrick, assistant coach volleyball, returning staff, Scott Miller, head coach soccer, returning staff; at SCES, Michelle Long, assistant coach cheer and assistant coach volleyball, returning staff, Luisa McMahan, head coach volleyball, new staff, Ronda Murphy, head coach cheer, returning staff; at BREC, Elena Alcantar, head coach MS soccer, new staff, Brittany Elkins, assistant coach varsity men’s basketball, returning staff, Jim Mull, MS athletics bus driver, returning non-staff, Ashley Steinel, head coach MS volleyball and assistant coach varsity women’s basketball, returning staff, Anna Stewart, head coach MS girls basketball and assistant coach MS volleyball, returning non-staff; at FES, Cierra Burgess, head coach volleyball, new non-staff, Jeremy Ellenburg, athletic director and athletic activity bus driver, returning staff, Grace Wilson, assistant coach volleyball, new non-staff; district-wide, Megan Brown, head coach MS volleyball, returning staff, Corina Gribble, assistant coach MS cross country, returning staff, Debbie Hansen, assistant coach MS boys soccer, returning staff, Dan Heath, head coach MS boys soccer, new non-staff.

Mindy Larch, head coach MS cross country, returning non-staff, Rachel Nicholson, assistant coach MS volleyball, returning staff, Keith Richards, head coach MS wrestling, returning staff.