On Dec. 16, Jackson County Public Schools accepted these employee recommendations:

At Fairview Elementary School, Douglas Bailey, bus driver and custodian, Alexandria Joyner and Mikaela Painter, homebound teachers, Adrienne McPherson, EC teacher assistant, Julie Thompson, teacher; Smoky Mountain High School, Kaileigh Galloway, bus driver, Tim Copeland, bus driver and custodian, Misty Moore, activity bus driver; Cullowhee Valley Elementary School, Virgle Cody Brown, bus driver and custodian, Berenice Perez, temporary custodian; Blue Ridge School and Early College, Mona Carnathan, substitute custodian; Scotts Creek Elementary School, Heather Copeland, EC homebound teacher, Miranda Nashif, afterschool assistant; Smokey Mountain Elementary School, Charity Jamison, bus driver for tutoring, Jak Johnson, substitute bus driver; Jackson Community School, Cole Young, EC teacher assistant.


Accepted these employee resignations: CVES, Nola Brown, substitute school nutrition assistant, Vivian Honey, teacher, Sandra McMahan, assistant principal, Theresa Sutton, school nurse, Mary Woodring, substitute school nutrition assistant; JCS, Caroline Simpson, EC teacher assistant; District-wide, Emory Rhoads, head coach middle school soccer.


Accepted these staff, non-staff and returning coach recommendations: SMHS, Jimmy Ashe, assistant coach track, Zeb Capps, head coach men’s golf, Tom Davis, volunteer coach wrestling, Megan Dezarn, head coach women’s track, Jeremy Ellenburg,  head coach baseball, Nathan Frizzell, head coach JV baseball, Corina Gribble, head coach JV women’s soccer, Derrick Hawk, – assistant coach varsity baseball, Seth Ledford, volunteer coach wrestling, Elizabeth McRae, head coach indoor track, Jonathan Parsons, assistant coach varsity women’s soccer, Gabe Rodriguez, volunteer coach wrestling, Erik Wilson, volunteer coach middle school wrestling; Blue Ridge Early College, Joey Day, volunteer coach middle school basketball, Cale Gragg, volunteer coach middle school boys basketball, Katelynn Patterson, volunteer coach varsity girls basketball, Elijah Reece, volunteer coach middle school and high school basketball, Jacob Tedder, volunteer coach middle school basketball.