Western Carolina University is gearing up for a traditional college experience this fall with plans to resume all academic, social and extracurricular activities.

WCU is planning in-person classes, homecoming activities, concerts, Freshman Run, sporting events, Pride of the Mountains Marching Band performances, Family Weekend and more.

Residential Living is planning a return to full occupancy with common area gathering spots, and all buildings and facilities, including dining operations, the library, and the recreation center plan a return to normal hours and increased capacity.

“We continue to provide a supportive community that recognizes students’ full potential, along with nationally ranked programs to achieve their goals, and we look forward to welcoming new and current students back this fall,” WCU Provost Richard Starnes said. “Our impressive array of online and distance programs are in full swing as well.”

WCU is consistently ranked in the upper echelon of higher education institutions by U.S. News & World Report and thanks to NC Promise, the cost of undergraduate tuition is $500 per semester for North Carolina residents and $2,500 per semester for out-of-state residents.

The deposit due date for admitted freshmen was May 1 and for admitted transfer students is June 1. For more information on enrollment and transfer opportunities, visit wcu.edu/apply or call 877-928-4968.