quilts donated

Atha Holden (right) presents Vicki Lewis with one of the handmade quilts the Carolina Quilters and Smoky Mountain Quilters have made for the babies of Nurse-Family Partnership.

The paths of two ladies who have served the Jackson County community for many years in the field of nursing have crossed in a very special and caring way.

Vicki Lewis serves as the nursing supervisor of the Southwestern Child Development Nurse-Family Partnership, a position she has held for five years. Prior to beginning her work with the Southwestern Child Development NFP, Lewis was employed by Harris Regional Hospital.

Atha Holden is retired from her career in nursing at Harris Regional Hospital. She now spends much of her time as a volunteer in the community; a special work Holden is involved in is a quilting group known as Carolina Quilters.

The two worked many shifts together as registered nurses at Harris Regional. Their paths crossed again after Holden heard about Lewis’ work with the Southwestern NFP. She immediately saw a need that could be met by her quilting group, the Carolina Quilters, and another group, the Smoky Mountain Quilters, both part of a quilters guild. That need was to provide the babies of NFP with a gift of a homemade quilt.

Holden made contact with Lewis, who works with any groups in the community who are looking for ways to volunteer to help the young families of NFP. And, as a result of their paths crossing, the babies of NFP are wrapped in warmth as the weather turns to cooler temperatures.

If anyone in the community would like to speak with Lewis about the work of Nurse-Family Partnership or ways they can be involved as a supporter of the work her partnership is doing, call her at 507-3335.