Rachel Frizzell has joined the Sylva Police Department as a clerk; Sergeant Daniel Reid will soon be the SPD’s new detective.

The Sylva Police Department is going through many changes these days. As I write this message to you, I am celebrating my one month anniversary as your chief of police. I am really enjoying my new role. My favorite part of my job is meeting so many awesome new people.

Folks, we have a wonderful police department here in Sylva and I am humbled to lead such a hard working group of people. They love this community and it’s obvious that this community loves them too. You may not realize it, but the relationship between you and your police department is a real point of pride for our officers. I see it all the time.

Upon coming in the door here at the Sylva Police Department, we decided to hire a new clerk first. We all feel so lucky to have Rachel Frizzell as the newest member of the Sylva police family. Rachel is fitting in perfectly with our group. She is learning her job quickly and we can already tell she’s going to be a great resource for the citizens and visitors of Sylva. Please come by and meet her. We all look forward to working with her for many years to come.

We have also been working hard to fill the vacant detective position within our agency. We have completed the process for that position and I am proud to announce that Patrol Sergeant Daniel Reid will soon be our new detective.

Daniel started his law enforcement career in 2009. He worked for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and the Andrews Police Department before finding his way home to the Sylva Police Department in 2013. He did such a good job that he was promoted to patrol sergeant in just two years. Since 2015, Daniel has served our community as a police supervisor, and he has done a fantastic job.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity and excited about this step in my career. I look forward to serving the people of Sylva in this new role,” Daniel said.

I am personally excited to see Sergeant Reid expand his skills in law enforcement and become an even more valuable asset for our community and our police department.

The next challenge for our department is to fill some vacant police officer positions. More to come on that in the future.

Another new development/announcement is a solution for parking complaints, especially in our business district. In an attempt to collect, organize and track parking complaints, people are encouraged to notify the Sylva Police Department of any parking related complaints via this new electronic means. Please write to to report parking violations and include any and all information that may help the officers resolve the complaint. Citizens could even attach photos, if that is something they are interested in doing. The Sylva Police Department will receive these complaints and investigate them.

Of course, people can always continue to contact us through traditional means and share their concerns or complaints.

The goal of this new email is to make things simpler for officers and citizens.

As you can tell, we have a lot to be excited about. Thank you again for your support and your kind words and deeds towards our officers. I assure you, we are all working hard to provide you with quality police service.

Until next time, everybody be safe, slow down on our roads and watch out for people in our crosswalks.