By Beth Lawrence


The Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer Authority is making changes to its water leak adjustment policy.

The board voted to add language clarifying how repairs should be verified at its regular meeting on Nov. 19.

Previous language stated that repairs would be field verified by a TWSA employee. The new policy reads that repairs will be verified “at the meter” by a TWSA employee.

“We’re not going into people’s houses to check the leak,” said Dan Schaeffer, interim TWSA director. “We’re checking at the meter to see if it was repaired and make sure it’s not still leaking.”

The board also considered changing the policy concerning billing adjustments following a leak.

The board debated adding the phrase, “The sewer portion and the system improvement portion of the bill will be adjusted to an average of the highest five months’ bills.”

Currently bills are adjusted averaging the customer’s account over a 12-month period. 

Nancy Hoyle, TWSA finance officer and secretary to the TWSA board questioned using the five highest months saying it would make it expensive for customers because the average would be high.

Schaeffer said he believed customers would get a better refund.

Board Chair Tracy Rodes suggested taking that part of the proposed changes to the policy subcommittee.

The policy committee will discuss bill adjustments when it next meets.