HERE in Jackson County has been awarded a grant from the Evergreen Foundation to support cold weather shelter for homeless individuals who also need treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.

Homeless people suffering from these conditions experience significant barriers to achieving permanent housing. For this reason, their stay in emergency shelters during the winter can be extended and exceed normally-budgeted timeframes.

Marilyn Chamberlin, president of the HERE in Jackson County Board of Directors, said support from the Evergreen Foundation comes at a particularly critical time in the development of her fledgling organization.

“HERE in Jackson County has stepped up to address Jackson County’s homeless needs on a year-round basis,” she said. “Providing cold weather shelter using locally-available hotel rooms is expensive. This grant assures that homeless individuals with mental health and/or substance use disorders will not suffer and that their treatment and housing needs can be more fully addressed. This grant also strengthens HERE in Jackson County as a new nonprofit organization in its ability to carry out its essential mission, which is to assure that homelessness for any Jackson County resident is rare, brief and one-time.”

The Evergreen grant to HERE in Jackson County is intended to address needs during the current fiscal year ending June 30.