By Beth Lawrence


The Jackson County Board of Commissioners approved a renewed contract to lease land for a staffed recycling center to ensure that residents’ ability to dispose of recyclables goes uninterrupted.

Jackson County leases the one-acre property in the Hamburg Township for the Pine Creek SRC. The county pays $1,000 a month to Keith and Kathy Hooper.

The lease was amended to work differently than a typical lease. The document was signed for a one-year term, but the new agreement is for the lease to self-renew when the term runs out.

The move was made to accommodate the property owners.

“It was just more convenient for the Hoopers; it was not easy for them to come into Sylva to sign before a notary during work week hours,” county Attorney Heather Baker said. “We wanted to make it easy on them each year. For the county, it means we don’t have to think about it unless a change is needed in the future.”

Either the Hoopers or the county may terminate the lease as long as they provide the other party with 180 days written notice.