Henry McMahan

Henry McMahan of Balsam shares his summer 4-H experiences in this week’s Cooperative Extension column.

Here is a report of the summer exploits of a 4-H Club by Henry McMahan, age 10:

The Jackson County 4-H Explorers Club has been meeting this summer every Wednesday from June 9 through Aug. 4. Every time we met we went somewhere new to explore.

On the first Wednesday we hiked to split rock at Pinnacle Park. We found salamanders, and we observed local vegetation.

On Wednesday, June 16 we went to the Greenway in Cullowhee. We did some sketching that day.

Next week we met at the Recreation Center. We took a walk, sucked on honeysuckles and observed pond water under a microscope. There’s more bacteria in the water than you think! We did tie dye T-shirts under the shady trees.

The following time we met, we went to Mingus Mills in Cherokee. We observed the beauty of the trail and then explored the mill. It was wonderful.

The last week of July we hiked Devil’s Courthouse on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail was beautiful, and the view was breathtaking.

On our last trip we went to the Oconaluftee visitor Center in Cherokee. It was rainy but we got through it. We walked around the farm and did a scavenger hunt. It was nice.

4H has been a nice experience this year.


The Explorers 4-H Club is continuing this semester. Come join us on the first Monday of each month for some outdoor learning and the third Saturday of each month for a regional day hike. This club is for youth ages 9-13. Check our website at jackson.ces.ncsu.edu or call us at 586-4009 for more information about this, and other 4-H clubs, in Jackson County.

Heather Gordon is the Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development for Jackson County.