Heather Gordon


Well, now it’s summer. The kids will all be home from school and it’s time to figure out what activities to do. Oh wait, the kids have been “home from school” for months now due to COVID-19 and now they don’t even have classwork to do. Wait, what’s a parent to do?

Grow a Garden. You can help children plant a few vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and lettuce in a container, large bucket or a small piece of your yard. Just make sure there are holes for drainage so the plants don’t drown.

Make a “Create Your Own” Box. Use an old box or plastic tub as the home for colorful paper, cardboard, string, scissors, hole punch, duct tape, glue, markers and more. Kids can use their imaginations and go wild. Maybe they’ll make rockets, or kites, or homes for hamsters. These supplies can be used inside or outdoors.

Take advantage of 4-H Virtual Summer Opportunities. 4-H Agents across North Carolina have collaborated to create free, self-directed programming for all ages of youth. 

Topics include:

Coffee and Culture – form a deeper understanding of oneself and others by exploring backgrounds, cultural knowledge, beliefs and attitudes (registration deadline June 19).

Back to the Basics – sewing, cooking, table etiquette, baking and financial management.

Log on to Leadership – develop time-management, goal setting, conflict management and public speaking skills.

Down on the Farm – learn about animals even if you aren’t raised on a farm.

4-H Healthy Habits Family – designed to guide a caregiver and elementary-aged youth through fun and engaging garden-based activities.

Visit https://bit.ly/4-HSummerFun for a description of all the activities available. Participate in the NC 4-H Summer 2020 Campout – a virtual experience for youth ages 5-12+. Join us June 22-26. Find more information about this free activity by searching online for NC 4-H virtual campout.

For more information contact me at heather_gordon@ncsu.edu or 586-4009.

Heather Gordon is 4-H Agent for the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Jackson and Swain counties.