City Lights Bookstore will hold a celebration of the natural world at 1 p.m. Saturday, when Brannen Basham and Jill Jacobs present Brannen’s “A Guide to the Wonderful World Around Us” and their collaborative book, “Finding Home: A Story of a Mason Bee.”

“A Guide to the Wonderful Around Us” explores 60 nature-based topics broken down into six chapters. “Finding Home,” written by both Basham and Jacobs, shows readers an inside look at the lives of six beneficial native creatures through an engaging and educational tale of a mason bee’s search for a new home.

Basham and Jacobs are owners of Spriggly’s Beescaping. Spriggly’s is a nature education and habitat restoration business with a special focus on supporting native plants and pollinators. Visit to discover other publications, informative videos and educational resources.

To reserve copies of their books or for more information call City Lights Bookstore at 586-9499.