Jackson County Sustainability Council

Besides housing and transportation, the food we eat is often one of the biggest contributors to our impact on the earth. One of the best ways to reduce this impact is to source as much of your food locally and in season as possible.

When we choose to eat out of season produce (for example, tomatoes in winter), that food often comes from far away, creating substantial carbon emissions. Try to find out which foods are in season in your area throughout the year and plan your meals around that.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to shop at farmers’ markets as much as possible since what your local farmers sell is almost solely dictated by the seasons. An added plus to buying in season produce is that it often tastes better. Also try to buy as much unprocessed food as possible. The fewer the ingredients and the closer to home those ingredients are, the lower the impact of the food, the less wasteful packaging, and the healthier for you.