Burt Kornegay’s “A Guide’s Guide to Panthertown” is a detailed guide to Panthertown Valley, a 6,311-acre backcountry recreation area in Western North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest, east of Cashiers. 

Friends of Panthertown, a conservation nonprofit charged with conservation of the valley, recently received a donation of $7,500 from the Panthertown Map Association, nonprofit publishers of the guide.

This popular map shows the official U.S. Forest Service trails plus unofficial footpaths within Panthertown Valley, Bonas Defeat and Big Pisgah. It also locates waterfalls, overlooks, creeks and trailheads.

For 20 years Kornegay has published a map of the Panthertown Valley area, “A Guide’s Guide to Panthertown.” It has become the definitive map of the valley, showing official trails and unofficial footpaths.

Over the years Kornegay has generously given part of the proceeds to various 501(c)(3) organizations that protect, support and maintain Panthertown.

Now that he has retired from guiding trips, the nonprofit Panthertown Map Association was formed to maintain, update, print,and distribute his map, with the proceeds going to benefit Panthertown Valley. 

Panthertown Map Association is a North Carolina nonprofit association which publishes and distributes “A Guide’s Guide To Panthertown.”