Think before buying soap

Our last sustainability tip talked about refilling and reusing plastic squeeze tubes. You can do this with other things too, like plastic soap dispensers (although you may be able to buy some glass ones for cheap from thrift stores or discount stores). For a soap refill, you can use one part liquid Castille soap to one part water. You can always throw in some essential oils too for some extra scent and disinfecting power.

Alternatively, Blueland is a company that sends foaming hand soap refills in the form of tablets, avoiding plastic waste (each tablet is only $2, comparable to the price of a new plastic bottle of hand soap). Cleancult is a similar company that sends soap refills in paper cartons. Of course, you can also always use bar soap, but just try not to buy the bars wrapped in plastic. You can find great bar soap locally at the Jackson County Farmers’ Market.