Flowers, both wild and cultivar, are blooming profusely thanks to a spate of warmish weather and bountiful rains.

For those wanting to see spring ephemerals and other early bloomers, there’s perhaps no better place in Jackson County than Pinnacle Park, at the head of Fisher Creek Road. The Sylva-owned park this year is putting on quite a show, with ephemerals such as trout lily, bloodroot, spring beauty, cut-leaved toothwort and wood anemone.

Early bloomers include hepatica, both the sharp-lobed and round-lobed varieties. Woodland flowers that appear this early are taking advantage of abundant sunlight, before the leaf canopy closes in; additionally, there is less competition for pollinating insects.

Spring ephemerals lose their above-ground parts by mid-summer. In the not-wild category, tulip lovers can find plenty to admire along the steps at the historic Courthouse.