By Dave Russell


Witnesses say a truck pulling a trailer hit a house at 147 Monteith Branch Road at about 9:30 a.m. Aug. 13, got stuck and towed and then drove away.

No one was home at the time, and homeowner Mary Ward said she was in shock when she arrived home that afternoon.

“It looked like someone took a bat and destroyed all this stuff,” she said. “I thought maybe it was vandalism. As I calmed down and was looking at it, I noticed this big rut through my neighbor’s yard. What we pieced together from a neighbor who heard it and saw the aftermath is that a truck and a trailer coming down Monteith Branch Road lost control, went into my neighbor’s yard, came through my yard, back onto the road, back into my yard and into my ponds and hit the support post.”

The post is cracked and has shifted backwards.

“If he hadn’t hit that support column he would have ended up in my living room,” she said.

The truck also took out wrought iron fences, plantings and a footbridge over two small ponds.

Ward and authorities are looking for the truck, which might have front end damage and be missing or have damaged headlights and turn signals.

“One witness reported a young man driving a dark pickup truck, about 6 feet tall, 250 pounds standing in my yard using a cell phone,” Ward said. “The person who came to help pull him out drove a silver Chevrolet Colorado truck.”

The incident is going to cost Ward.

“The landscape estimate is $1,200-plus, not including the construction cost of repairing the bridge, support post and other things,” Ward said. “I will probably spend $2,500 out-of-pocket minimum. I can’t replace the plantings, pots, etc. And someone is driving around without restitution. Next time it may indeed involve vehicular manslaughter.”

Anyone with information should call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 586-8901.