The following are the unofficial results, per the EBCI Board of Elections, for the 2021 General Election for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on Thursday, Sept. 2.

Three questions regarding alcohol sales on the Qualla Boundary were also on the ballot.

In all, there were 6,701 people registered to vote in this election and a total of 3,035 voters cast ballots for a voter turnout percentage of 45.29 percent. Snowbird had the highest voter percentage at 53.49 percent followed by Birdtown at 50.14. Cherokee County had the lowest rate at 34.01 percent followed by Yellowhill at 39.28 percent. 

In the Big Cove Tribal Council, Richard French (246) and Teresa McCoy (204) defeated Patrick Hill (184).

For Birdtown Tribal Council, Boyd Owle (500) and Albert Rose (478) won over Cyndi Lambert (388) and Gloria “Punkin” Griffin (233).

In the Cherokee County/Snowbird Tribal Council race, Adam Wachacha (257) and Bucky Brown (222) defeated Janell Rattler (151) and William A. “Billy” Brown (92).

For the Painttown Tribal Council seats, Dike Sneed (233) and Tommye Saunooke (176) beat out 

Bentley Tahquette (170).

Wolfetown Tribal Council winners were Bo Crowe (567) and Bill Taylor (306) over Chelsea Taylor-Saunooke (239) and Jesse Sneed (232).

For Yellowhill Tribal Council, David Wolfe (217) and T.W. Saunooke (161) defeated Tom Wahnetah (142) Stephanie Saunooke French (107).

Kristina Hyatt (193) advances over Lavita Hill (151) for the Big Cove School Board seat.

For the Birdtown School Board, Melanie Lambert (426) defeated Ashford Smith (376), and Roberta “Berdie” Toineeta (312) defeated Isaac Long (208) for the Wolfetown School Board.

Referendum Questions

According to the following unofficial results of referendum votes, three alcohol-related items passed on the ballot. A total of 3,035 of the 6,701 (45.29 percent) of registered voters cast ballots thereby meeting the 30 percent requirement for the referendum to be considered valid.

No. 534: Do you support expanding the sales of malt beverages (beer) at retail establishments within the Qualla Boundary? Yes (1,657); No (1,219).

No. 535: Do you support allowing the Tribal ABC Commission to operate an ABC Package Store to permit the sale of alcoholic beverages on tribal lands? Yes (1,708); No (1,170).

No. 536: Do you support expanding the sale of malt beverages and wines at restaurants, hotels, and other qualified establishments within the Qualla Boundary? Yes (1,804); No (1,072).