Trump has the qualities to lead


To the Editor:

“I hope they both die” are words expressed by some lefty Trump haters when they heard that President Donald Trump and the first lady tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This attitude is no surprise because the name-calling, scandal-tattling, mocking, dredging up of prior comments and false accusations are what we are subjected to from some supporters on both sides.

Now we are at a point in this election cycle where it is time to pin down what really counts in choosing a president of the United States. To my mind it is tested leadership ability, straight talk, promises made and kept, a believable concern for all of the American people, creating prosperity and finding solutions to problems. I expect a president to be active and engaged while full of energy, spirit and patriotism. One who will maintain our social order, national security, law and order, individual liberties and constitutional freedoms. These qualities are what we have now in President Trump and his reelection ensures these characteristics will continue in our president of the United States.

Shirley Slaughter, 



Indoor pool deserves backing


To the Editor:

As a Jackson County resident I am excited to vote for the indoor pool at the Jackson County Recreation Center. This pool could be used for so many activities, such as, swimming, pool parties, exercise classes, water aerobics, SUP yoga and serve the needs of many people who suffer from medical conditions and injuries.

The indoor pool could also be used for educational purposes, such as lifeguard training, water aerobics, swimming lessons and surrounding school systems for diving and swimming competition. This would provide an indoor pool for Smoky Mountain High School swimming teams to have a place to practice and compete with other schools and groups. 

When schools and groups outside of the county come and compete in Jackson County, this could bring many guests who probably would have an overnight stay and spend money which could benefit the local economy.

The facility would create jobs, such as front desk checkers, lifeguards, instructors for swimming, water aerobics and rehab therapists to work with those with medical conditions.

This facility just like it is now is a place where every resident has the opportunity to practice preventive medicine rather than treatment medicine. Just think, you take care of your body and stay out of the doctor’s office.

I am happy to support the bond referendum because of the many opportunities it provides for both young and old residents of the county. The Aquatics Center will cost the county $20 million, but each resident will pay 2.5 cents per $100 of property tax. This will only be a very small increase for every property owner in the county. For me it will increase my property tax less than $70, and look how everyone can benefit from this new facility. What a deal this is! I want a healthy and happy Jackson County.

Fred Hinson, 



Queen the clear choice in NC 119


To the Editor:

Even though Mike Clampitt’s campaign has evidently received money for advertising, money doesn’t buy competence, dedication and perseverance.

Joe Sam Queen has dedicated years of his life to the state of North Carolina, fighting mercilessly for its citizens. And some of the money in Clampitt’s pocket is being used to run numerous negative, deceptive ads. Seems like the GOP’s strategy is: if you can’t win your election fairly, then it’s OK to lie and cheat to do it!

Because of the Republican majority in the General Assembly, Democrats have not been successful in doing as much for North Carolinians as they would’ve liked. It’s always been an uphill battle, yet Joe Sam has never given up. And like Congress, with a Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell has elected not to bring votes to the floor for items that would help Americans. The same is true for North Carolina’s General Assembly: stalling, playing tricks and voting down legislation beneficial to all of us here in N.C.

If the people of North Carolina truly want to see positive changes that benefit their lives, votes need to be cast for Joe Sam Queen and any other Democrats on the ballots across the state.

Sue Resnik, 



Is pool worth the price tag?


To the Editor:

As we go before the ballot box soon to cast our votes, Jackson County residents will be asked to vote for or against increasing our tax bills to pay for an indoor pool in Cullowhee. This pool comes with a price tag of $20 million.

Maybe this is a reasonable price to pay for an indoor pool. But I ask you, how many affordable houses could be built for $20 million? How many community gardens could be created? How many trails, sidewalks, greenways, and bike racks to help a community badly in need of more walkability and connectivity? How much would $20 million help with the county’s litter problem, one of the most obvious issues facing our community? How many fire departments that are running on volunteers and skimpy budgets could be helped out by $20 million? How big of a community composting system could we build with that much money? How many children could we feed? How many homeless could we house?

Yes, this pool may bring some income to some businesses and may prevent some parents and students from having to drive to Waynesville for swim meets, but is the small benefit to just one portion of the community worth the price tag of $20 million when we have so many bigger, more dire issues facing the entire county? I personally don’t think that it is.

Rachel Smith, 



Biden would lead country to ruin


To the Editor:

Joe Biden spends most days in his basement or his handlers put a lid on his appearances by noon many days. So, it is difficult to know what Biden stands for and what is in store for us and our country if Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their crowd of radicals take over the presidency and our government.

You can find out by checking out the Biden-Sanders Task Force Recommendations on Google. This document, a manifesto for pure progressive socialism, is 110 pages long but can be easily scan-read. Here you will get a sense of the left-wing strategy Biden follows with no remorse. The agenda includes taxing that essentially seizes private property and is needed to fund the high level of government spending, banning most firearms, government control of businesses and industries, free education, healthcare even for undocumented people, guaranteed income to a chosen few and government determination of allowed freedoms.

Basically, government will tell you how to live, what you can own and not own. Expect a collapse of law and order as well as your general safety and security. Abortion as late as the third trimester … that’s OK with Joe. Of course, our system of capitalism will be gone as the plan is to fundamentally transform our political system, deny constitutional rights and ultimately change our great country.

A friend of mine whose family escaped Castro’s Cuba told me that if Biden supporters had ever lived under socialism they would never be Biden supporters.

Ralph Slaughter, 


Slaughter is first vice chair of the Jackson County 

Republican Party.


Biden-Harris plan would harm U.S.


To the Editor:

Recently we have read about the discovery of a black hole by astronomers. The United States is about enter a black hole of our own if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the presidential election.

Here is what Biden said about us: Voters “don’t deserve” to know his stance on court packing. We shouldn’t be surprised at that attitude since Biden was a part of the Obamacare fiasco where Democrat Nancy Pelosi told Congress to vote now and find out what is in the law later.

Kamala Harris happily said this  “These protests they’re not going to stop” … maybe a threat meaning unless you voters vote her in?

To learn more about what a Biden presidency has in store for voters and the country read the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations. This socialist/communist manifesto will put the country into a black hole for decades. The plan is to destroy prosperous capitalism, constitutional freedoms, lifestyle choices and put government in charge of every industry, individual and institution.

Voters beware. These Democrat candidates care nothing for us. The only crave for the chance to re-seize power over us and the country.

Carol Adams, 



Republicans, we need your help


To the Editor:

So we are going through difficult, trying and uncertain times. You share your concerns about individual liberty and sacred life. So here is my confusion needing your help.

1. Your concern about abortions is honorable. You want to prevent killing the unborn.

OK, you are also protecting the Second Amendment. You want to protect individual liberty to own guns. Here is my confusion. High performance rifles and guns are slaughtering children and adults with your support and defense of gun ownership. So, protect the unborn but let the young be killed indiscriminately.

2. Further confusion exists as you cherish individual freedom while denying women such freedom of choice to make the same decisions you permit and encourage when a young man kills people with a high performing long gun.

3. So your concern for life does not seem to be of concern as you defend Trump’s overseeing more than 210,000 lost lives in America making outlandish excuses.

Telling me this is a hoax is a hoax.

Please share with me the truth. Not more lies.

4. Lies? You chanted about “Lying Hillary.” Trump has been caught in more than 20,000 lies and you are quiet as a mouse.

5. You chanted “Hillary for Prison” while being silent while Trump ignores and violates laws.

6. You express concern regarding voter fraud and support your party’s effort to do just that by suppressing voter participation.

7. You claim to be Christians but support a president who abuses women and minorities, calls veteran suckers and losers, cheats the government while encouraging racism and white supremacist groups and dogma. Who enabled separation of children from parents at the border and illegal operations on immigrant women.

8. Now this corrupt man attacks the governor of Michigan after a plot to kidnap her by white supremacist groups was foiled by the FBI. Those groups are encouraged by Trump.

Never in my life have I witnessed such hypocrisy and been so confused. Our country is a mess and you are using tired old arguments ignoring the problems we face daily.

Ron Robinson,