An intense but short storm blew through the mountains Saturday, hitting Jackson County at about 6 p.m.

Damage in the county was minor.

“We had a few trees down,” Jackson County Emergency Services Director Todd Dillard said. “We did have some structural damage to a trailer on Moody Road in Dillsboro when a tree hit it.”

There were no injuries but it did “quite a bit” of damage, he said.

A dead pine tree fell and did minor damage to one of the apartments at 808 West in Cullowhee.

Wind speeds were high, but not high enough to meet wind-warning criteria from the National Weather Service, Dillard said.

“There was no flooding or landslides,” he said. “It rained really hard for a short period of time and then it was over, so that saved us.”

Dillard suggested everyone in the county should sign up for Code Red, a reverse 911 system that calls residents during bad weather or other emergencies. It’s free to sign up at

Jackson County’s highest number of power outages occurred Saturday night at about 8 p.m., Duke Energy Community Relations Manager Lisa Leatherman said.

“We had 41 events impacting 2,406 customers,” she said. “Duke Energy had linemen work through the night assessing damage and restoring power in all counties. Sunday at 6 a.m. Jackson County had 58 events and 1,687 customers without power. Sunday at 6:30 p.m., Jackson County had six events impacting 51 customers.”

No major, widescale outages occurred, and the largest concentration was in northern Jackson County, Leatherman said.